PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore as Google Play Store Alternative in India

PhonePe has introduced its own Android-based mobile app store, named Indus Appstore, to offer users an alternative to the widely used Google Play Store. This endeavor aims to provide developers with a distinctive distribution channel specifically tailored for the Indian Android market.
indus appstore

Key Features of Indus Appstore:

1. Multilingual Interface: Indus Appstore is available in English and 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and more. This multilingual approach allows users to explore the app store in their preferred language, affecting not only the app content but also app names, videos, and descriptions.

2. Developer-Focused Services: The Appstore offers a self-publishing platform for developers, along with localization services, monitoring tools, and 24-hour customer support. The platform is designed to empower developers by providing them with the necessary resources to grow their apps effectively.

3. Launch Pad for New Apps: Indus Appstore features a dedicated section called "Launch Pad," aimed at giving new apps enhanced visibility and optimized search results. This feature provides a boost for app developers seeking to introduce their creations to a wider audience.

4. Free Developer Platform: Developers can benefit from a free developer platform for the first year, offering a cost-effective solution to kickstart their app distribution journey. After the initial year, the platform will implement an annual fee for its services.

5. No Commission on In-App Purchases: Indus Appstore stands out by not charging any commission fees for in-app purchases. Additionally, it allows integration with separate payment gateways, offering flexibility for developers and users alike.

6. Popular Apps on the Platform: The Appstore has already attracted popular apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Myntra, Disney+ Hotstar, Domino's Pizza, and more, showcasing a diverse range of offerings available to users.

7. User-Friendly Features: Indus Appstore incorporates a mobile number login system using OTPs, catering to the Indian market where email usage may be less prevalent. The platform also boasts India-based customer support for quick query resolution.

8. Developer Benefits: Developers using the Indus Appstore can take advantage of real-time analytics, industry trend insights, competitor analysis, and cohort-based targeted release management. This allows for more strategic and data-driven app development and updates.

9. AI-Powered Monitoring: The platform ensures faster app updates and employs AI-powered real-time monitoring of app vitals during new version launches, enhancing the overall user experience.


PhonePe's Indus Appstore presents a promising alternative to the Google Play Store, focusing on localization, developer support, and a user-friendly experience. With a diverse array of apps already on board, the platform aims to carve its niche in the Indian app market. As the app store continues to evolve, developers and users alike may find it to be a valuable addition to the Android app ecosystem in India.