Samsung Announces Galaxy AI Update Rollout for Older Devices in March 2024

Samsung has officially announced that the highly anticipated Galaxy AI features, initially shipped with the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024, will soon be making their way to older devices. The OneUI 6.1 update is set to roll out by the end of March, bringing an array of exciting features to devices like the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and more. In this article, we'll delve into the details of the update and explore the devices slated to receive the Galaxy AI enhancements.

March Rollout for Galaxy AI:

Samsung, through its Newsroom blog, disclosed that the OneUI 6.1 update, featuring Galaxy AI, will start reaching older devices at the end of March. While the exact date remains unspecified, Samsung users can anticipate an enhanced experience with the new features.
March Rollout for Galaxy AI

Devices in Line for Galaxy AI:

The list of devices set to receive the Galaxy AI update includes:
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy Z Fold5
  • Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Galaxy Tab S9
  • Galaxy Tab S9+
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Even the Galaxy Buds are expected to join the party, integrating Galaxy AI features with the S24 series. Samsung plans to bring Galaxy AI to 100 million users by 2024, making it accessible for many Galaxy device owners.

Galaxy AI Features Unveiled:

While not all features from the S24 series will be carried over to older devices, Samsung has highlighted several noteworthy additions. These include:
  • Chat Assist: Utilizing AI to moderate message tone and translating messages in 13 different languages.
  • Live Translate: Auto-translation of foreign languages during phone calls, supporting 13 languages.
  • Interpreter: A translation service aiding in cross-language conversations.
  • Circle to Search with Google: Triggered by circling an object on the screen, providing Google Lens results, serving as a convenient shopping tool.
  • Note Assist: Facilitating note creation, AI-based summaries, and translations.
  • Browsing Assist: Generating summaries of the pages being browsed.
  • Transcript Assist: Real-time transcription of speech.
  • Generative Edit: Autofilling matching backgrounds and retouching images.
  • Edit Suggestion: AI-generated photo editing suggestions.
  • Instant Slow-mo: Watching pre-recorded normal-speed videos in slow motion by adding extra frames.

Important Considerations:

It's essential to note that these Galaxy AI features will be available for free until 2025, enhancing the user experience without additional costs.


As Samsung prepares to roll out the OneUI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI features to a range of devices, users can anticipate an enriched and innovative user experience. The diverse array of features promises to make everyday interactions more seamless and enjoyable, marking another stride in Samsung's commitment to technological advancements. Keep an eye out for the update in March to unlock the full potential of your Galaxy device.