Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Geekbench Reveals 8GB RAM and Processor

Exciting news for smartphone enthusiasts as the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G has surfaced on the Geekbench benchmark database, offering a glimpse into its impressive capabilities. The device, identified by the model number SM-A356E, boasts a noteworthy performance, scoring 1020 points in the single-core test and 2973 points in the multi-core examination. Let's dive into the details and unravel the specifications that make the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G a potential standout in the market.
Samsung Galaxy A35 5G

Processor Powerhouse:

The heart of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G lies in its octa-core processor, featuring four high-performance cores clocked at 2.40GHz and four efficiency cores running at 2.0GHz. With an integrated Mali G68 GPU, the smartphone is set to deliver a seamless and powerful user experience. The processor driving this device is none other than the Exynos 1380, promising robust performance across various tasks.
Processor Powerhouse
Samsung Galaxy A35 (SM-A356E) Geekbench 6.2.2 scorecard

Memory and Software:

The Geekbench listing unveils a generous 8GB of RAM, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is geared towards handling multitasking with ease. Additionally, the device is expected to run on Android 14 out of the box, complemented by Samsung's signature OneUI skin. While the showcased variant comes with 8GB RAM, it's anticipated that Samsung will offer the handset in other memory configurations to cater to diverse user needs.

Global Presence:

The identified model, SM-A356E, has been making appearances beyond the Geekbench database. Notably, it could be the Indian variant, as indicated by its presence on Bureau of Indian Standards certifications. However, the same model has also been spotted on NBTC certification in Thailand, and support pages for SM-A356E have surfaced on the support websites of several countries. This suggests a widespread release, adding to the anticipation surrounding the device.

Final Thoughts:

As we await the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G, the Geekbench scores and specifications provide a promising outlook for the smartphone. The blend of a powerful Exynos 1380 processor, ample RAM, and the latest Android iteration positions this device as a potential contender in the mid-range 5G smartphone segment. Keep an eye out for further announcements from Samsung as they reveal additional details about this eagerly awaited addition to the Galaxy A series.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G appears to be a well-rounded smartphone, offering a compelling combination of performance and features. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting device as it gears up for its official launch.