Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Users Report Green Line Issue on Screens

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Users of the newly released Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have raised concerns regarding a peculiar green line appearing on their device screens. Despite being a recent release, this problem has emerged, sparking discussions on online platforms like Reddit and Samsung's community forum. The issue seems to be isolated to users in the US and has garnered attention due to its sudden occurrence without any apparent physical damage to the devices.

Reports of Green Line Issue:

Several users have reported encountering a single green line on their Galaxy S24 Ultra screens. One user mentioned that the line appeared out of the blue as they picked up their device from a desk, without any previous incidents such as dropping or overheating. Another user experienced not only a vertical green line but also a horizontal white line, appearing six days after using the device.

Reports of Green Line Issue

Customer Response and Samsung's Handling:

Upon sharing complaints on Samsung's community forum, some users expressed dissatisfaction with the company's response. One user stated that Samsung declined to exchange the device and instead suggested returning and repurchasing it, which would entail losing pre-order benefits. Samsung directed another user to contact their carrier, T-Mobile, as the device was financed through them.

Samsung's Silence and Resolution:

As of now, Samsung has not issued any official statement addressing the green line issue. It remains unclear whether the problem stems from hardware defects or software glitches. While the problem appears to be affecting only a specific subset of devices, it raises concerns among users regarding the overall quality and reliability of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It's imperative for Samsung to address and rectify this issue promptly to maintain consumer trust and satisfaction.


The emergence of the green line issue on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screens highlights potential challenges in the device's manufacturing or software development. Users experiencing this problem are encouraged to reach out to Samsung or their respective carriers for assistance. Samsung's response and resolution of this issue will be crucial in maintaining consumer confidence in their products.