Google Pixel Fold 2 to Feature Larger Foldable Display, Panel Production Starts in April

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the successor to Google's first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold. Google is likely working on the Pixel Fold 2, which is expected to launch sometime this year. The phone could be unveiled in May at Google's I/O developer conference or during the usual Pixel launch event in October. Recent leaks have shed some light on the possible screen sizes of the Pixel Fold 2, hinting at a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

Larger Displays for the Pixel Fold 2:

Google Pixel Fold 2
Google Pixel Fold 2 Design and Display
According to a reliable source in the display industry, Ross Young (CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants), the Pixel Fold 2 will boast a larger 8.02-inch foldable display when unfolded. This is a noticeable increase compared to the 7.6-inch folding screen on the original Pixel Fold. 

The leak also suggests a bigger 6.29-inch cover screen, replacing the original's 5.8-inch display. With a longer and narrower design for the cover screen, the Pixel Fold 2 might address concerns about certain apps automatically launching in landscape mode when the phone is unfolded.

Production and Potential Release Window:

The leak suggests that panel production for the Pixel Fold 2 is set to begin in April, hinting at a possible launch in May. This larger screen size aligns with previous rumors based on leaked renders that showcased a redesigned camera layout and bigger displays.

Tensor G4 Chip and Other Upgrades:

Google Pixel Fold 2 Feature
Google Pixel Fold 2 Specs.
There are whispers that the Pixel Fold 2 might skip the Tensor G3 chip and instead be powered by the yet-to-be-announced Tensor G4 chipset. This could potentially lead to a launch alongside the Pixel 9 series later in the year. However, there's a chance Google might unveil the new Tensor SoC earlier than usual to pave the way for the Pixel 9 series.

In terms of memory, prototypes of the Pixel Fold 2 are rumored to be in testing with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, a bump up from the 12GB LPDDR5 RAM in the original Pixel Fold. The storage might also see an upgrade to 256GB UFS 4.0 storage, compared to the 256GB UFS 3.1 storage in the previous model.

In Summary:

The Google Pixel Fold 2 is shaping up to be a significant upgrade over its predecessor. With a larger foldable display, a potentially faster processor, and increased memory and storage, the Pixel Fold 2 could be a compelling option for users looking for a powerful and versatile foldable phone. With Google's I/O developer conference just around the corner, we might not have to wait too long for official news about the Pixel Fold 2.