Government Launches Chakshu Portal and DIP to Fight Cyber Fraud

The Indian government is taking steps to fight cyber fraud and protect citizens' digital assets with the launch of two new initiatives: the Chakshu portal and the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP). These tools aim to empower individuals to report suspicious activity and facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders to tackle fraudulent activities more effectively.

Chakshu: A Platform for Reporting Suspicious Activity

Chakshu, a new feature on the Sanchar Saathi portal, acts as a central platform for citizens to report suspected fraudulent communications received via calls, SMS, or WhatsApp. This empowers individuals to take an active role in protecting themselves and others from scams.
Chakshu Portal
Chakshu Portal

Types of Fraudulent Activities Reported Through Chakshu:

  • KYC expiry scams: These scams attempt to trick individuals into revealing personal information or financial details under the guise of updating their KYC (Know Your Customer) information.
  • Impersonation scams: Fraudsters impersonate legitimate entities, such as banks or government agencies, to gain trust and steal personal or financial information.
  • Phishing attempts: These attempts involve deceptive messages that lure individuals into clicking on malicious links or disclosing sensitive information.
  • Sextortion: This form of cybercrime involves threats to release compromising photos or videos unless the victim submits to financial demands.
  • Unauthorized disconnection of mobile numbers: This can occur when fraudsters gain unauthorized access to a victim's mobile number and attempt to disconnect it.

Additional Features of Sanchar Saathi Portal:

Beyond Chakshu, the Sanchar Saathi portal offers various citizen-centric features, including:
Sanchar Saathi Portal
Sanchar Saathi Portal
  • Managing mobile connections: Checking and reporting unauthorized connections in your name for disconnection.
  • Reporting lost or stolen phones: This allows for blocking the device and potentially tracking its location.
  • Verifying mobile handset authenticity: This helps prevent the purchase of stolen or counterfeit phones.
  • Reporting suspicious international calls: Users can report calls with Indian phone numbers originating from abroad, which could be potential scams.
  • Verifying internet service providers: This helps ensure you are using a licensed service provider.

Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP): Collaborative Effort Against Fraud

The DIP serves as a secure platform for real-time information sharing and collaboration among stakeholders involved in combating cyber fraud. This includes:
  • Telecom service providers: They can share information about suspicious activities and collaborate on investigations.
  • Law enforcement agencies: They can access reported incidents and leverage the platform for investigations and taking legal action.
  • Banks and financial institutions: They can share information about fraudulent transactions and collaborate on preventing financial losses.

Impact and Future Efforts:

The DoT has reported significant success in its ongoing fight against cyber fraud. In the past nine months, the department has helped citizens save approximately Rs. 1,000 crore and frozen Rs. 1,008 crore linked to fraudulent transactions.

The launch of Chakshu and DIP is expected to further enhance the government's efforts in detecting and preventing cyber fraud. Additionally, the DoT is collaborating with financial institutions to recover stolen funds and block fraudulent accounts.

This initiative highlights the government's commitment to protecting citizens in the digital age. By empowering individuals to report suspicious activity and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, the DoT aims to create a safer and more secure online environment for everyone.