LinkedIn to Introduce Puzzle Games for a More Engaging Platform

  • LinkedIn, the work connecting platform, might be adding games!
  • This could make LinkedIn more fun and help people connect better.
  • It's not sure yet exactly what the games will be, but it's an interesting idea!

LinkedIn, the well-known professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, is shaking things up with the reported introduction of gaming features. This move aims to transform LinkedIn from a strictly professional space into a more engaging environment.
LinkedIn image

Intriguing New Feature: Workplaces in the Game:

App researcher Nima Owji discovered code hinting at a unique feature. Player scores might be linked to their workplaces, potentially leading to company rankings based on gameplay performance. While a LinkedIn spokesperson confirmed the exploration of gaming, they clarified that the leaked images are outdated.
LinkedIn Game
LinkedIn is working on IN-APP GAMES! (image: Nima Owji)

Three Puzzle Games in Development:

According to a TechCrunch report, LinkedIn is developing three puzzle-based games: "Queens," "Inference," and "Crossclimb." The platform's spokesperson elaborated on their goals: "We're looking to add puzzle-based games to make LinkedIn more fun, foster stronger connections between users, and spark conversations."
Three Puzzle Games
Three Puzzle Games (image: TechCrunch)

Success Stories and Potential Challenges:

This foray into gaming isn't unprecedented. While some non-gaming platforms have thrived by incorporating games, others haven't been as successful. Facebook's standalone gaming app, for instance, shut down in 2022 due to low user engagement.

The Future of Gaming on LinkedIn:

The exact details and launch date of LinkedIn's gaming features remain unclear. However, this move signifies a potential shift towards a more interactive and engaging experience for LinkedIn users.