Nothing's Phone (2a) to be Made in India, Global Launch with Ranveer Singh

London-based tech company Nothing is making waves in the smartphone industry with the announcement of their latest device, the Nothing Phone (2a). This phone marks a significant step for the brand, not only in its design and features, but also in its commitment to the Indian market.

Made in India, for the World:

The Nothing Phone (2a) will be manufactured entirely in India, a strategic move that leverages the country's robust manufacturing ecosystem. This decision not only benefits the local economy by creating job opportunities, but also allows Nothing to tap into India's skilled workforce. Following the success of the Phone (1) and Phone (2), both manufactured in Tamil Nadu, India, the Phone (2a) further strengthens Nothing's presence in the region.
Nothing Phone (2a)
Nothing Phone (2a)

Global Launch and Local Focus:

Further solidifying their commitment to India, Nothing is hosting the global launch event for the Phone (2a) in Delhi. This event, livestreamed globally, signifies the importance the brand places on the Indian market. Additionally, Bollywood icon Ranveer Singh has been announced as the brand ambassador for their smartphones, further connecting with the local audience.

Quality and Innovation:

Nothing emphasizes that their unique transparent design, requiring the highest quality standards, has been successfully implemented in India. This achievement signifies the company's commitment to maintaining consistent quality while benefiting from the Indian manufacturing landscape. Their long-term vision involves establishing India as an export hub for their products.

Designed for the User:

Nothing Phone 2a Design
Nothing Phone (2a) Design
The Nothing Phone (2a) boasts a design specifically tailored for the Indian market. While details remain scarce, the company promises it will prioritize user needs, incorporate innovative design elements, and leverage expertise from previous models. The phone will reportedly build upon the success of the Phone (2), offering a significant upgrade over the Phone (1) in all aspects.

Power and Performance:

Under the hood, the Phone (2a) packs a punch with a custom-developed Dimensity 7200 Pro processor co-engineered with MediaTek. This collaboration promises to deliver powerful performance for users. The design of the phone was briefly showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, generating significant anticipation.

Early Access and Availability:

Early Access and Availability
To further engage with potential customers, Nothing has announced the "#THE100 Drops" campaign. This initiative reveals the initial locations where the Phone (2a) will be available for purchase in India and other countries, offering an exclusive opportunity for early adopters.


The Nothing Phone (2a) represents a significant milestone for the company, showcasing their commitment to the Indian market, high-quality manufacturing, and user-centric innovation. With a global launch event held in India, a local brand ambassador, and a "designed for India" approach, Nothing is making a bold statement about their future in the region. The phone's custom processor, unique design, and early access program further fuel the excitement surrounding its release.