Realme GT Neo 6 SE Design Revealed in Leak, Boasts Powerful Processor

Realme is getting ready to add a new member to its popular GT Neo lineup – the GT Neo 6 SE. While Realme has already revealed some details about the phone's capabilities, its design has remained a mystery. But that mystery is starting to unravel thanks to a recent leak.

A New Look for the GT Neo Series:

Last week, schematics of the GT Neo 6 SE leaked online, giving us a basic idea of its design. Now, a leaked image on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, has provided an even clearer picture. The image showcases what appears to be the real-life GT Neo 6 SE alongside a render.
Realme GT Neo 6 SE
Realme GT Neo 6 SE Leaked Image
The most striking design feature revealed in the leak is the phone's rear camera module. Unlike its predecessor, the Neo 5 SE, which also sported a sizeable camera island, the GT Neo 6 SE boasts a triple-camera setup housed in a module that extends to the sides of the device. The image suggests three circular cutouts, likely for the three cameras and an LED flash.
Realme GT Neo 6 SE Design
Realme GT Neo 6 SE Design
It's important to remember that the leaked render might not be entirely accurate. However, it does give us a good idea of what to expect from the GT Neo 6 SE's design.


Realme has officially confirmed that the GT Neo 6 SE will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 chipset. This mid-range processor promises performance levels that rival those of the Snapdragon 8-series SoCs, typically found in high-end smartphones.

The Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 boasts an impressive architecture, featuring a prime Cortex-X4 core clocked at a speedy 2.8 GHz, accompanied by four performance cores and three efficiency units. The OnePlus Ace 3V holds the title of the first smartphone to launch with this powerful chip.

Additional Leaks Hint at Fast Charging:

The leaks don't stop there. The GT Neo 6 SE's 3C certification, a Chinese safety certification, hints at support for 100W fast charging. This would significantly reduce charging times, allowing you to power up your phone quickly and get back to using it.

While the leaks have shed some light on the Realme GT Neo 6 SE's design and potential features, there's still much to discover. Most importantly, Realme has yet to announce an official release date for the phone. However, the increasing frequency of leaks suggests a launch in China might be imminent.

We'll be keeping a close eye on Realme for any official announcements and will update you as soon as we know more about the exciting new GT Neo 6 SE.