WhatsApp Updates Navigation for Android with Easier Access Features

WhatsApp announced a redesigned navigation bar for Android users, aiming to make switching between chats, calls, and other features more convenient.

Easier on the Thumbs:

The new navigation bar sits at the bottom of the screen, replacing the previous top bar. WhatsApp says this new placement is "closer to your thumbs and easy on the eyes." While both the old and new versions offer access to Chats, Communities, Status, and Calls, the layout has been revamped.

Icons and Updated Names:

WhatsApp app
WhatsApp App
Previously, only the Communities tab had an icon. Now, all four sections have icons for quicker recognition. Additionally, the "Status" tab has been renamed "Updates." Both the color scheme and order have changed, with the new bar featuring a white background instead of green and a reshuffled order for the tabs.

Improved Usability:

WhatsApp stated they "moved things around to make it easier to access what you need, when you need it." While users can still swipe left or right to switch tabs, the new location allows for easier navigation using just one hand. Previously, reaching the top bar might have required stretching your thumb, but the bottom bar is within easy reach.

Global Rollout:

This update has been tested in India for a few weeks and is now being rolled out worldwide for Android users. If you haven't received the update yet, simply visit the Google Play Store and update your WhatsApp app to the latest version.