Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses Launched at an Affordable Price

Tech giant Xiaomi has launched its latest Mijia Smart Audio Glasses in China, offering a unique combination of audio functionality and fashionable eyewear. This new product caters to users who want a stylish way to listen to music, take calls, and interact with their devices without the bulk of traditional headphones.

Customizable Design and Premium Features:

The Mijia Smart Audio Glasses boast a customizable design with six interchangeable frame options. This allows users to tailor the look of the glasses to their personal style and potentially fit them with prescription lenses for a truly personalized experience.
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses
The core function of the glasses lies in their audio capabilities. Unlike traditional headphones that rest on or cover the ears, these glasses utilize air conduction technology. This innovative approach transmits sound through tiny vibrations in the air, directing them towards the listener's inner ear. This can be a comfortable option for people who find earbuds or over-ear headphones irritating.

Xiaomi has incorporated ultrasonic speakers with a special sound cavity structure algorithm to deliver clear and immersive audio. The glasses also feature dual anti-sound leakage technology to minimize sound escaping during calls and call noise reduction for optimal communication quality.

Long Battery Life, Lightweight Design, and Smart Functionality:

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses
The Mijia Smart Audio Glasses impress with their long battery life. They can deliver up to 10 hours of music playback, 7 hours of phone calls, and a remarkable 24 hours of basic use on a single charge. Standby time extends to over 11 days, ensuring the glasses are ready whenever you need them. Charging is convenient with a magnetic contact point on the temple of the glasses.

Weighing in at a mere 37.7 grams, the glasses are designed for comfort and extended wear. Xiaomi has included ergonomic features like independently adjustable nose pads and a detachable hinge for a personalized fit.

The Mijia Smart Audio Glasses come equipped with intelligent wear detection. This technology automatically pauses music playback when you remove the glasses, ensuring you don't miss a beat when you need to take a break.

For added convenience, the temple of the glasses supports intuitive gesture controls. Users can play, pause, and adjust the volume of their music, skip tracks, and more with simple gestures. The glasses can also interact with compatible voice assistants, allowing for hands-free control.

Price and Availability:

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses will be available for crowdfunding in China through Xiaomi Youpin starting from March 27th to April 10th. The introductory price during this period is set at an attractive 459 yuan (approximately $63). After the crowdfunding campaign concludes, the retail price will increase to CNY 599 (approximately $83). Xiaomi will announce details regarding wider availability following a successful crowdfunding run.


The launch of the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Audio Glasses signifies a growing trend in wearable audio technology. These glasses offer a stylish and comfortable alternative to traditional headphones, with features like air conduction technology, long battery life, and intuitive controls. With an attractive price point during the initial crowdfunding phase, Xiaomi's latest offering has the potential to appeal to a wide range of users seeking a fashionable and functional way to experience audio.