Vivo Teases X100 Ultra and X100s Flagships, Camera Samples Revealed!

Vivo is gearing up to launch two new smartphones in China this month, the X100 Ultra and X100s. These phones are the successors to the well-received X100 Pro and cater to users seeking exceptional camera capabilities and cutting-edge technology.

Vivo X100 Ultra:

Vivo X100 Ultra
Vivo X100 Ultra Teaser
The X100 Ultra is touted as the pinnacle of Vivo's technological achievements. It boasts a professional-grade camera system designed to excel in various shooting scenarios. Whether you're capturing fast-paced sports action, low-light portraits, or distant subjects with a telephoto lens, the X100 Ultra promises stunning results.

The phone's telephoto capabilities are particularly impressive, making it ideal for concert photography where low light and constant movement pose challenges.

The X100 Ultra's camera prowess stems from its impressive hardware. The phone features a monstrous 200-megapixel Zeiss APO super telephoto lens backed by a Samsung HP9 sensor. This is complemented by a 50-megapixel Sony LYT-900 primary camera with advanced CIPA 4.5 level gimbal stabilization for smooth video recording. Rumors suggest a 50-megapixel ultra-wide lens is also part of the package. Additionally, advanced image stabilization and AI-powered features enhance the overall camera experience.

Vivo X100 Ultra Camera Samples:

Vivo X100s:

Vivo X100s Teaser
Vivo X100s Teaser
The X100s caters to users who prefer flat displays over the curved screens found on the X100 Ultra and its predecessor. Despite this design difference, the X100s maintains impressive camera capabilities, rivaling those of the Ultra model.

This phone introduces some innovative features, including a "humanistic street photography mode" and AI-powered portrait enhancements. The portrait mode allows users to simulate different seasons within a single portrait frame, adding a touch of creativity.

The X100s is also expected to be the world's first smartphone powered by the Dimensity 9300 Plus chipset, an overclocked version of the powerful Dimensity 9300. This promises exceptional performance for users who demand a fast and responsive phone.

With the X100 Ultra and X100s, Vivo offers two compelling options for users seeking top-of-the-line smartphones with exceptional cameras and innovative features. The official launch date for these phones in China is expected to be announced soon.