Customize Your Smartphone Like A Pro: Top Apps To Customize Your Android Phone | September 2021

We always talk more about the hardware, we don’t talk much about software. But nowadays we’re discuss about “Android Customization”. and I’m going to tell you 5-6 such apps that’ll change your smartphone’s looks! Yes I’m talking about the software side & not hardware. They’re very unique & I hope you’ll like them.

(1) Lens Launcher - If you use too many icons on the home screen then this is for you. It’s a little different & it isn’t for everyone. You’ll like it if you use too many apps. It’s only 1.8 MB in size & it basically replaces your launcher into a homepage with small icons. You just have to touch your finger on the screen & it’ll magnify properly and show you the apps. It’s interesting, different, very unique & your friends/family will definitely ask you about it while using it! How can you forget wallpapers while customizing?

(2) MinimalWallz - It’s a very good Indian developer app. It’s just 13 MB in size with good wallpapers! I’ve noticed a thing in such wallpaper apps, there are way too many intrusive ads. You’ll see a full screen ad even after checking 1 wallpaper. There are ads in this too but they’re non intrusive. I liked that! And the collection of wallpapers is really great, they’re minimal with a clean UI while using the app. There are 4K, FHD, with more than 50 categories like Abstract, AMOLED, Animes (if you’re into it). There are random as well as exclusive wallpapers. And do check it out as it’s an Indian app.

(3) Tile Shortcuts - It’s a 2.8 MB sized app, but you’re going to love it! We open the notification panel many times a day. It’s become an integral part of the experience. We pull it down whenever we get some notifications. This app is great if you want to add any shortcut in the notification panel. You can customise & add any app like BGMI or any app, website or link icon that you visit regularly. You can choose the icon, or any app you want. Just drag it on the notification panel & it’ll be added. And I’ll tell you what, many people will like this next app. If you want to customize & make it look different, then you’d need an icon pack.

(4) Minma Icon Pack - this app is also from an Indian developer! It’s 13 MB in size. You get about 1150-1200 handcrafted icons! And these are already made, but you can customise them more as well! So it’s an excellent icon pack, do try it out. It’s very colourful as well as minimalistic! There’s another app you can use if you’re into black & white icons.

(5) Android 12 Weather Widgets - You still have to wait for Android 12, but if you want its weather widget on your phone, then try this app. It’s just 6.7 MB in size, with a lot of customizations. It’ll show information however you want. You can also change the widget’s size & even manually select your location. It can auto select the location with your location permission as well. And it’ll show your location once detected. Overall, I liked the weather widget very much which is why I’m recommending it to you.

(6) Whicons (White Icons) - So if you’re into white minimalistic icons, It wasn’t a part of this list, but I thought I should let you guys know. So these were the 5-6 different apps that’ll make your phone totally unique & different!