Top 5 Best Android Games Under 100MB; Non Chinese Games (Apps): 21 August 2021


We make sure that we don’t include Chinese games in our list.

(1) Mr Gun - It’s 44MB in size & it’s developer is from France. It’s a very simple game. You have to shoot once, & if you fail, the enemy will shoot you. It feels like an old classic game. But it’s definitely fun to play! Check how strong your shooting game skill is. 

(2) Flip Master - It’s a trampoline game, trampoline is used for jumping as you know. You can jump in the game with front/back flips, & gain dangerous as well as spectacular skills, by advancing & slowly you’ll enjoy it! If you make a spectacular jump/a backflip, you can share that with your friends. That includes the wins &/or fails too! You can even share if you fall off the trampoline in the game! It’s an interesting game, do check it out!

(3) Ninja Tobu - Basically you are a Ninja & you have to tap/drag to move up over the obstacles in order to advance. It’s an interesting game & you’ll have to master the double jumps, slow motions, slamming into enemies for extra points etc. And the more up you go, the more coins you can gain. So it’s a good game, do try it out!

(4) Can Knockdown 3 - I used to play it around a decade ago. It’s now a 3rd Gen game. And it has some realistic graphics. You get some baseballs & you have to knock down some set of cans. You get 3 or 5 balls to knock the cans. It’s a really good game & you can play it with your friends as well! So show off your skills, collect multiple badges & achievements & you’ll have fun! But, the highlight of this game is its 3D graphics, you’ll enjoy its gameplay.

(5) Mech Arena - It’s really fun & addictive too! It’s 110MB in size, it’s a 5v5(PvP) battle game. So you can play real time & win, you’ll have a lot of fun! There's a point & shoot feature with lots of weapons. You can play with your friends & there are online global tournaments as well. So it’s an online as well offline game. So do try out Mech Arena, it’s fun to play!

(Bonus App)

(6) Psebay - This game is an extra addition as there were no racing games. It’s an interesting game of only 45MB size. It’s a racing game where you get a silhouette of the bike & the player. And you just have to race. It’s a very interesting game, do try it out!