Samsung XCover 7: Geekbench Reveals Dimensity 6100+ Power

Samsung Galaxy XCover 7

Samsung's Galaxy XCover series has been a steadfast player, combining durability with cutting-edge technology

The anticipation for the next iteration, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 7, has reached new heights with leaked renders and a recent appearance on Geekbench. 

In this article, we delve into the key specifications revealed by the benchmark, shedding light on the device's potential and what users can expect from this rugged powerhouse.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 7 Specifications:

Specs Galaxy XCover 7
Chipset MediaTek Dimensity 6100+
Single-Core Score 663
Multi-Core Score 1,867
Operating System Android 14 with One UI 6
Launch Date June 2024

The Geekbench listing under the model name Samsung SM-G556B unveils the core specifications of the upcoming Galaxy XCover 7. 

At its heart lies the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset, a robust choice for a device designed to withstand challenging environments. Paired with 6GB of RAM, this smartphone promises seamless multitasking and efficient performance.

Display and Design:

Although the leaked renders have provided a glimpse of the Galaxy XCover 7's external appearance, the official details regarding its display size and resolution are still awaited. The design, as seen in the renders, maintains a balance between rugged aesthetics and modern appeal.

Samsung XCover 7 Display

The display is expected to be designed for outdoor visibility, addressing a common concern for users who frequently find themselves in bright sunlight or challenging lighting conditions. Whether for work or leisure, the Galaxy XCover 7 aims to offer a display that is both functional and visually pleasing.


A standout feature of the Galaxy XCover 7 is undeniably its use of the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset. MediaTek, a key player in the semiconductor industry, has been pushing the boundaries of mobile processors, and the Dimensity 6100+ is a testament to their commitment to innovation.

The Dimensity 6100+ boasts a combination of high performance and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for a rugged smartphone. 

Its multi-core architecture allows for parallel processing, ensuring swift execution of tasks. This chipset's prowess is particularly crucial for users who rely on their smartphones in demanding environments, where quick response times can make a significant difference.

Geekbench Scores:

According to the Geekbench run, the Galaxy XCover 7 achieved a commendable 663 single-core score and an impressive 1,867 points in the multi-core department.

Samsung XCover 7 Geekbench Scores

These scores hint at a device capable of handling a range of tasks with ease, from everyday applications to resource-intensive processes.

Operating System:

The listing also unveiled that the Galaxy XCover 7 will run on Android 14, the latest version of the popular operating system. 

This is likely to be complemented by Samsung's One UI 6, offering users a smooth and intuitive interface. 

The synergy between the advanced Android 14 and Samsung's optimized One UI 6 is expected to enhance user experience and provide access to the latest features and security updates.


While rugged smartphones often prioritize durability over camera specifications, the Galaxy XCover 7 is likely to feature a capable camera setup.

Samsung XCover 7 Camera

Details about the resolution and specific camera features are yet to be unveiled, but Samsung's commitment to delivering well-rounded smartphone experiences suggests that the device will not compromise on camera quality.


Rugged smartphones have become a niche market catering to users who require devices capable of withstanding harsh conditions. 

The Galaxy XCover series has consistently embraced durability, and the XCover 7 is poised to continue this tradition.

While the specific details of its rugged features are yet to be officially disclosed, the history of the XCover series suggests that users can expect elements such as water and dust resistance, reinforced frames, and potentially military-grade durability certifications. 

These features ensure that the device can endure the rigors of outdoor adventures, worksite conditions, or any scenario that demands a robust and reliable smartphone.

Release Speculations:

While the Geekbench listing provides a tantalizing glimpse into the Galaxy XCover 7's capabilities, the official announcement date remains shrouded in mystery. 

Speculations, however, point towards a potential unveiling in the first quarter of 2024. As the industry eagerly awaits confirmation from Samsung, enthusiasts and professionals alike are keen to get their hands on this rugged device.


The Samsung Galaxy XCover 7, with its MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset, commendable Geekbench scores, and the promise of Android 14 with One UI 6, emerges as a formidable contender in the rugged smartphone arena. While the official release date remains uncertain, the

leaked details and industry speculations indicate that Samsung is gearing up to deliver a device that combines durability, performance, and the latest technological advancements.

As users look forward to the official announcement, the Galaxy XCover 7 stands poised to continue the legacy of its predecessors, catering to those who demand a smartphone that can thrive in challenging environments without compromising on functionality and user experience.