Amazon Prime Lite Annual Plan Now Rs. 799: Affordable Access with Some Limitations

Amazon Prime Lite

In June of this year, Amazon introduced its cost-effective alternative to the standard Prime subscription in India – the Amazon Prime Lite. This budget-friendly package provides several benefits akin to the regular Prime subscription, such as two-day deliveries and access to the Prime Video catalogue. 

However, it does come with certain limitations, excluding access to Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, and Prime Reading. Recently, Amazon has taken a step to make this alternative even more appealing by slashing the price of the Amazon Prime Lite annual plan in India.

Amazon Prime Lite Subscription Price in India:

The prices for Prime membership are as shown below. You can also verify these prices by visiting

Plan New Price
Monthly Prime (1 month) Rs. 299
Quarterly Prime (3 months) Rs. 599
Annual Prime (12 months) Rs. 1499
Annual Prime Lite (12 months) Rs. 799

Initially priced at Rs. 999 for a year, the Amazon Prime Lite annual subscription plan is now available at a reduced cost of Rs. 799. This strategic price adjustment is likely to attract more users looking for a cost-effective way to enjoy the perks of Amazon Prime.

In comparison, the standard Amazon Prime annual subscription remains unchanged at Rs. 1,499, maintaining its comprehensive offering. The one-month and three-month Prime plans are still available at Rs. 299 and Rs. 599, respectively.

Amazon Prime Lite Subscription Benefits:

While the Lite version comes with a lower price tag, it doesn't compromise significantly on the essential benefits. Users subscribing to Amazon Prime Lite can enjoy two-day deliveries on select items at no additional cost, along with the convenience of one-day or same-day delivery options. The plan also retains the no-cost EMI options available to standard Prime users.

Amazon Prime Lite Subscription Benefits

Amazon Prime Lite subscribers have access to Morning Delivery options for eligible addresses at Rs. 175 per item. Notably, there is no minimum order value for free delivery eligibility, enhancing the attractiveness of the Lite plan for users with varying needs. Additionally, users can opt for a no-rush delivery option, which offers a cashback of Rs. 25 on their orders.

Limitations and Restrictions:

The trade-off for the cost-saving benefits of Amazon Prime Lite primarily lies in the restrictions on certain services. Notably, Amazon Prime Lite does not include access to Amazon Music, Amazon Gaming, and Prime Reading, distinguishing it from the more comprehensive standard Prime subscription.

The primary limitations associated with Prime Lite are observed in the Prime Video segment. While users can access the complete Amazon Prime Video catalogue, the resolution is capped at a maximum of 720p when streaming on mobile phones. Furthermore, live sports and TV shows under the Prime Lite membership come with advertisements, contrasting with the ad-free experience provided to regular Prime users.

User-Friendly Features:

Despite the limitations, Amazon Prime Lite retains several user-friendly features, aligning with the company's commitment to enhancing customer experience.

User-Friendly Features

The no-rush delivery option with a cashback incentive, the absence of a minimum order value for free delivery, and the inclusion of Morning Delivery options contribute to making the Lite plan an attractive proposition for users seeking a balance between cost and benefits.


In conclusion, the reduction in the annual subscription price of Amazon Prime Lite reflects the company's responsiveness to the diverse needs of its user base. The Lite plan offers a compelling option for budget-conscious users, providing access to essential Amazon Prime services at a more affordable rate. 

However, individuals seeking a more comprehensive entertainment and gaming experience may find the standard Amazon Prime subscription more suitable.

As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, Amazon's strategic pricing adjustments aim to capture a broader market share and cater to the varying preferences of its users. 

The choice between Amazon Prime and Prime Lite ultimately depends on individual priorities, with both plans offering a range of benefits tailored to different user profiles.