How to Upgrade Jio 4G SIM to 5G for Free: Simple Steps for Enhanced Connectivity

How to Upgrade Your Jio 4G SIM to 5G

As the era of 5G internet services dawns in India, many are eager to experience the enhanced speed and connectivity it promises. Although 5G networks are currently limited to certain areas, Jio has ambitious plans to make this technology accessible nationwide by the end of 2023. In this article, we will guide you on how to upgrade your existing Jio 4G SIM to 5G, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet on your 4G mobile phone.

What is 5G Internet?

Before delving into the upgrade process, let's briefly understand what 5G internet is. 5G, short for the fifth generation, is a cutting-edge technology designed to provide high-speed and low-latency communication for wireless phones and data transmission. The technology aims to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet, offering faster speeds and improved reliability.

Jio's 5G Network Rollout:

While Jio has initiated 5G services in specific areas, the company's target is to make 5G available nationwide by December 2023. This ambitious plan aims to bring the benefits of super-fast 5G speeds to every corner of India, ensuring that both urban and rural areas can enjoy the advantages of this advanced technology.

Can Your Old Jio 4G SIM Work with 5G?

The burning question is whether your existing Jio 4G SIM can be upgraded to 5G and if it will function on a 4G mobile phone. It's crucial to note that for the upgrade to be successful, your smartphone must support 5G connectivity. Without a 5G-capable device, you won't be able to leverage the benefits of 5G internet, even with a 5G SIM.

Steps to Upgrade Jio 4G SIM to 5G:

Follow these steps to upgrade your Jio 4G SIM to 5G and experience the benefits of the new technology:

  • Visit the official Jio website for 5G upgrades at [].
  • Scroll down the page and select your state.
  • Click on "I'm interested."
  • A popup will appear; enter your Jio mobile number and click on "Generate OTP."
  • Verify the OTP received on your mobile.
  • After verification, you'll see a message confirming the Jio SIM 5G upgrade.


In conclusion, as Jio spearheads the 5G revolution in India, upgrading your Jio 4G SIM to 5G is a simple process that opens the door to enhanced internet speeds. Keep in mind the importance of having a 5G-compatible mobile device to fully experience the benefits of this advanced technology. Stay tuned for the nationwide rollout of Jio's 5G services, bringing faster and more reliable internet connectivity to every corner of the country.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly upgrade your Jio 4G SIM to 5G and be ready to experience the future of internet connectivity.

Remember, this upgrade is not just about changing your SIM card but also ensuring that your device is capable of harnessing the power of 5G technology. As Jio continues to expand its 5G network, more and more users will be able to enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet, making connectivity smoother and more efficient than ever before. If you found this information helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends so that they too can make the most of 5G internet. If you have any questions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to drop a comment down there. Our team is here to assist you, ensuring that you stay informed and connected in the evolving world of telecommunications.


Q: Can a 4G Jio SIM be converted to 5G?
Yes, your 4G Jio SIM can be upgraded to 5G without the need for a SIM card replacement.

Q: Can a 4G mobile phone use a 5G SIM?
No, a 4G mobile phone cannot utilize the benefits of 5G internet. To access 5G services, a 5G-compatible device is required.

Q: How can I upgrade my Jio 4G SIM to 5G?
Visit the official Jio website (, express your interest, enter your mobile number, and follow the simple steps to upgrade.

Q: Is it necessary to change my SIM card for the 5G upgrade?
No, you can upgrade your existing Jio 4G SIM to 5G without the need for a new SIM card.

Q: Can I use a 5G SIM in my 4G mobile phone?
While the SIM can be upgraded, a 4G mobile phone cannot fully utilize the benefits of 5G internet. A 5G-compatible device is required for optimal performance.

Q: What is the timeline for Jio's 5G expansion across India?
Jio aims to make 5G available nationwide by December 2023, ensuring widespread access to high-speed internet services.

Q: Are there any charges associated with the Jio 5G upgrade?
The upgrade process is free; however, users may choose to opt for Jio's 5G internet plans for enhanced services.

Q: How do I check if 5G services are available in my area?
Keep an eye on Jio's official announcements or visit their website for updates on the availability of 5G services in your region.

Q: Will my 4G mobile phone still work after the Jio 5G upgrade?
Yes, your 4G phone will still function; however, to experience 5G speeds, consider upgrading to a 5G-compatible device.

Q: Can I revert to 4G if I face issues with the Jio 5G service?
Yes, you can continue using 4G services if needed; the upgrade provides flexibility without mandatory commitment to 5G.

Q: What benefits do I get with Jio's 5G Welcome Offer?
The Welcome Offer may include exclusive benefits and promotions; details will be provided during the upgrade process.