WhatsApp Web Boosts Privacy: Username Search Feature Soon, No Phone Sharing: Report


  • WhatsApp Web users soon able to find and chat without exchanging phone numbers.
  • New feature lets users connect via usernames, boosting privacy on WhatsApp Web.
  • Users can now create and change usernames directly from WhatsApp Web for added customization.

  • WhatsApp is reportedly in the process of developing a new feature for its Web client. This feature is expected to eliminate the need for users to share their phone numbers to connect on the popular instant messaging platform. Instead, WhatsApp is working on a username search feature that will allow users to connect with others by simply looking up their usernames.

    Enhancing Privacy on WhatsApp Web:

    According to a report by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, the upcoming feature aims to provide users with a more private and secure means of communication. Currently, users are required to exchange phone numbers to establish connections on WhatsApp. The new username-based search feature will enable users to connect without the necessity of sharing personal phone numbers, offering a layer of privacy to those who prefer not to disclose this information.

    The anticipated feature is poised to enhance privacy and promote secure communication. A preview of the feature, shared in the report, indicates that once implemented, users will have the option to connect with others by searching for their name, phone number, or username. This added flexibility is expected to make communication on WhatsApp Web more user-friendly and customizable.

    Enhancing Privacy on WhatsApp Web

    A Similar Feature on Telegram:

    The move towards a username-based search feature aligns WhatsApp with competing platforms, such as Telegram, which already offers a similar functionality. This feature is not entirely new to the instant messaging landscape but signals WhatsApp's commitment to providing users with alternatives that prioritize their privacy preferences.

    Extension to WhatsApp Web:

    While the username-based search feature was initially rumored to be in development for Android users, the latest reports suggest that it will soon be available on WhatsApp Web as well. This expansion is anticipated to make the feature accessible to a broader user base, allowing those who primarily use WhatsApp on desktop or through the web interface to benefit from increased privacy options.

    Creating Usernames on WhatsApp Web:

    In addition to the username search feature, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on allowing users to create usernames directly from the WhatsApp Web application. This feature will provide users with the flexibility to change their WhatsApp usernames at any time, according to a previous report. The combination of these features indicates a comprehensive approach by WhatsApp to enhance user control over their profile information.


    The ongoing development of privacy-focused features on WhatsApp reflects a broader industry trend towards providing users with more control over their personal information. As users increasingly prioritize privacy, instant messaging platforms are adapting by introducing features that allow for secure communication without compromising personal details.

    In summary, the upcoming username search feature on WhatsApp Web is poised to offer users a convenient and private way to connect without the need to share phone numbers. This, coupled with the ability to create and change usernames, showcases WhatsApp's commitment to enhancing user privacy and control over their communication experience. As the feature makes its way to both Android and WhatsApp Web, users can look forward to a more customizable and secure messaging environment.