Apple Vision Pro Faces App Snub from YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify: Report

Apple Vision Pro

  • Big news: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify won't make special apps for Apple Vision Pro.
  • No iPad apps for the headset, but you can still use a browser for streaming.
  • Other apps like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Max, and ESPN will work fine.

The much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro, promising an immersive audio-visual experience, is set for pre-orders in the US, with shipments and in-store availability starting from February 2. However, the excitement is dampened by the refusal of three major entertainment giants, Google’s YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify, to develop native applications for the mixed-reality headset.

YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify Snub Apple Vision Pro:

Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify, globally renowned for their video and music streaming services, have officially stated that they have no intention of creating new native applications for the Apple Vision Pro. Both YouTube and Netflix explicitly mentioned that their iPad applications will not be compatible with the mixed-reality headset. Users, however, can access content on these platforms through a browser on the Vision Pro, though the experience may differ significantly. Spotify is following suit, opting not to provide app support on Apple's new headset.

While YouTube hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of future support for the Vision Pro, it currently has no plans to share in that regard. The reasons behind the decision were not explicitly stated by either YouTube or Spotify, the latter also lacking app support on Meta's Quest headset.

App Compatibility Challenges:

Developers with iPad software in the regular App Store will find their apps appearing in the Vision Pro store by default. However, they have the option to opt out if they choose not to participate. Initial searches conducted by MacStories indicate that several iPad and iPhone apps, including those owned by Meta, Roku, Tidal, and more, are currently not set to work with the headset. This may change by the time the Vision Pro is officially released on February 2.

Entertainment Apps Still Available:

Despite the setback caused by YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify's decision, users can still access a variety of entertainment apps on the Apple Vision Pro. Notable platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Max, and ESPN are confirmed to be compatible, offering a diverse range of content to the users.

In conclusion, while the lack of support from major streaming platforms is a setback, the Apple Vision Pro still holds promise with a range of entertainment options. As developers and compatibility issues are addressed, the mixed-reality headset may see a broader range of supported applications in the future. As of now, consumers can look forward to a unique audio-visual experience with the available entertainment apps when the Apple Vision Pro hits the market on February 2.