Flipkart Customer Reports Receiving Defective iPhone 15 with Fake Battery

iPhone 15 on Flipkart
In a recent incident involving the popular e-commerce platform Flipkart, a customer claims to have purchased an iPhone 15 during the Republic Day sale, only to receive a faulty unit with a counterfeit battery. The buyer, Ajay Rajawat, shared his experience on social media, highlighting the unexpected twist in the story.

Purchase and Delivery:

During the Republic Day sale, which ran from January 13th to 19th, Rajawat ordered the latest iPhone 15 from Flipkart. The product was delivered on January 15th. However, upon opening the package, Rajawat discovered a defective iPhone 15, accompanied by what he alleges is a fake box packaging.

Purchase and Delivery

Unboxing Video and Open Box Delivery:

Rajawat posted an unboxing video on social media platform X, where the box was opened by the delivery person under Flipkart's 'Open Box delivery' service. The footage revealed a substandard product and a packaging that raised doubts about its authenticity.

Defective Battery Issue:

Screenshots posted by Rajawat show that the iPhone's Battery section lacks information on battery health percentage or maximum capacity. Instead, a message appears stating, "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery."

Defective Battery Issue

Flipkart's Response:

Acknowledging the issue, Flipkart publicly apologized to Rajawat and assured him of assistance. The e-commerce giant requested the customer to share the order ID through a private chat to resolve the concern. They also cautioned against responding to fake social media handles impersonating the Flipkart brand.

Refusal of Replacement or Refund:

However, in a subsequent tweet, Rajawat claimed that Flipkart is not offering a replacement or refund for the defective device. According to him, Flipkart directed him to visit the brand store for assistance.

Flipkart Policy and 7-Day Service Center Replacement/Repair:

Highlighting Flipkart's policy, it's crucial to note that the platform offers 7 Days of Service Center Replacement/Repair. The policy specifies that brand assistance for device-related issues is subject to brand warranty guidelines and service policies. The final decision on the replacement or repair of defective devices lies with the seller or brand. Notably, returns for missing items, damaged products, or wrong products will not be accepted for open-box delivery orders.

In conclusion, this incident emphasizes the challenges consumers may face in resolving issues related to defective products, especially when they fall outside the standard return window. Flipkart's policy limitations play a role in the customer's inability to secure a replacement or refund for the reported fake iPhone 15 with a defective battery.