Google Introduces Circle to Search Feature on Android Smartphones

Google is set to redefine the way we search on Android smartphones with its innovative Circle to Search feature. The tech giant, known for its continuous experimentation with smartphone search functionalities, is introducing a more intuitive and convenient method for users to find information on their devices.

What is Circle to Search?

Circle to Search allows users to draw a circle around information on their device screen, initiating a search for the highlighted item. The feature, while officially named Circle to Search, also supports highlighting text and scribbling on items as alternatives to drawing oval shapes to trigger the new search option.

How Does it Work?

To activate Circle to Search, users need to long press the home button or the navigation bar (for those using gestures) before circling items on their screens. Google aims to streamline the search process, presenting Circle to Search as a more convenient alternative to traditional methods, such as screenshotting items and using Google Lens.

Multisearch Functionality:

Circle to Search leverages Google's AI-powered multisearch feature, initially introduced with Google Lens in 2022. This advanced search capability supports multimodal search queries, enabling users to combine text and images and refine search parameters within the Google app. This allows for more nuanced questions, covering concepts, ideas, or topics, with Google providing neatly summarized answers directly in the answer box, eliminating the need to scroll through pages of information.

Availability and Compatibility:

The Circle to Search feature is set to launch globally on January 31, initially exclusive to the Pixel 8 series and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 trio. However, Google plans to expand its availability to more "premium Android smartphones" later this year.

Multisearch Functionality Update:

Simultaneously, Google is rolling out an updated multisearch functionality inside the Google App to both Android and iOS users in the US. This update further enhances the search experience by facilitating multimodal queries and delivering concise answers.


With Circle to Search, Google is introducing a user-friendly and efficient way to search for information on Android devices. By combining intuitive gestures with advanced search capabilities, Google aims to simplify the user experience and reduce the need for constant app-switching. As the feature becomes available on a broader range of smartphones, users can look forward to a more seamless and integrated search experience on their mobile devices.