Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Leaked Video Reveals Flat Display and Thin Bezels

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung's much-anticipated flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is making headlines with a leaked hands-on video that showcases its new design. In a departure from the past eight years, Samsung seems to be abandoning curved displays, a move that may disappoint some fans. This article delves into the leaked details, emphasizing the shift in design and its implications.

The Leaked Video:

The leaked video provides an up-close look at the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's flat display, dispelling any doubts about the abandonment of curved screens. This marks a significant departure from Samsung's long-standing design choice and is likely to impact the overall aesthetic of the flagship device.

The Leaked Video

Why Samsung Ditched Curved Screens:

Curved displays, once a prominent feature in Samsung phones, are now being phased out due to practical considerations. The aesthetic appeal of curved screens comes with durability concerns, as they are prone to cracks, and finding suitable screen protectors can be challenging. Moreover, curved displays contribute to a thinner phone frame, but at the cost of potential fragility.

Industry Trends:

While Samsung and Google are moving away from curved displays, Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Vivo, OPPO, and OnePlus continue to embrace this design element in their latest releases. Some brands, like Xiaomi and HONOR, are taking it a step further by incorporating quad-curved displays. Xiaomi's Redmi Note 13 series, for instance, introduces curved displays to midrange phones in India.

Industry Trends

Upcoming Launch and Pre-Reservations:

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is set to launch globally on February 17th, with a physical event scheduled in the US. The South Korean tech giant has already initiated pre-reservations for the series in India, aiming for sales just a week after the launch event. This strategic move aligns with the company's focus on enhancing Q1 2024 revenues.

Comparative Analysis:

The shift away from curved displays in flagship phones aligns with industry trends favoring practicality over aesthetics. The competitive landscape, highlighted by Chinese manufacturers, showcases diverse design choices, emphasizing the importance of user preferences.


In conclusion, the leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra reinforces the abandonment of curved displays, a design element synonymous with Samsung's flagship phones for almost a decade. This shift reflects a broader industry trend towards practical considerations and user-friendly design. As the launch date approaches, anticipation builds around how this design change will be received by consumers and its potential impact on Samsung's market position.