Samsung Introduces 'Samsung Find' App for Galaxy Devices, Replacing SmartThings Find

Samsung Galaxy
Samsung has recently unveiled its latest application, "Samsung Find," designed to simplify device management for Galaxy users. This standalone app replaces the previous "SmartThings Find" section within the SmartThings app, providing users with a dedicated platform for tracking and managing their Samsung devices.

All-in-One Device Tracking:

Earlier, users had to navigate through the SmartThings app to locate their Samsung devices. With "Samsung Find," tracking features are consolidated into one app, streamlining the process for users.

Samsung Find App

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Available for download on the Galaxy Store, the app weighs around 70MB. Its home screen features three main tabs: Devices, Items, and People.
  • Devices: Displays all Galaxy smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches on a map, making it easy for users to pinpoint their locations.
  • Items: Allows users to locate accessories attached to the Galaxy SmartTag tracker, such as keys or wallets, through the Items section on the app.
  • People: In the People tab, users can view the location of family members who share their location, providing peace of mind, especially for parents with children or caregivers of older adults.

Additional Features:

  • "Samsung Find" goes beyond displaying locations. Users can share their own location or the location of their devices/items with others, enhancing communication and safety.
  • The "Make Sound" feature enables users to locate lost devices or items by triggering an audible ping. For devices with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support, the app provides more precise location data and directional guidance.


In conclusion, Samsung's new "Samsung Find" app simplifies the process of managing and tracking Galaxy devices. With a user-friendly interface, consolidated tracking features, and additional functionalities, it offers a seamless experience for users. Whether locating smartphones, accessories, or checking the whereabouts of family members, the app provides a comprehensive solution. Available for download on the Galaxy Store, "Samsung Find" is set to enhance the user experience for Galaxy device owners.

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