WhatsApp Channels Unveils New Features: Polls, Multiple Admins, and More!

WhatsApp Channels

  • Voice Updates now on WhatsApp Channels: Speak directly to your audience.
  • Polls added for interactive content: Let your audience vote and engage.
  • Share to Status: Easily spread channel updates with your contacts.

WhatsApp Channels, introduced last year as a platform for delivering timely updates on various topics and organizations, is set to receive a significant upgrade. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently announced several new features designed to enhance user engagement on WhatsApp Channels. This article delves into these additions, which include Voice Updates, Polls, Share to Status, and the ability to have Multiple Admins.

Latest Features on WhatsApp Channels:

Latest Features on WhatsApp Channels

Voice Updates:

A notable inclusion in the latest WhatsApp Channels update is the introduction of Voice Updates. Users can now send voice messages within the platform, adding a more personalized and dynamic element to their channels. Bad Bunny made history by being the first to utilize this feature, ushering in a new way for creators to connect with their audience.


The arrival of Polls on WhatsApp Channels is another noteworthy enhancement. Users can now host polls on their channels, allowing for increased interactivity and user participation. Mark Zuckerberg himself utilized this feature, employing it to settle a debate on his WhatsApp Channel by asking users to vote for the 'best game of all time.'

Share to Status:

The 'Share to Status' feature enables users to disseminate updates from someone else's WhatsApp Channel to their personal Status. This functionality aims to facilitate the seamless sharing of interesting or important content with a broader audience.

Multiple Admins:

Recognizing the need for collaborative management, WhatsApp Channels now supports the addition of up to 16 administrators in a single channel. This enhancement streamlines the coordination of content and administration, particularly useful for larger channels with diverse contributors.

WhatsApp Channels Overview:

Launched in September of the previous year after a beta testing phase, WhatsApp Channels has rapidly gained popularity. Functioning as a broadcasting tool similar to Telegram Channels, it provides a means to reach a large user base without interfering with personal chats. Meta reports that the platform has already amassed over 500 million monthly active users, showcasing its widespread adoption.


In conclusion, the latest features introduced to WhatsApp Channels mark a significant step forward in enhancing user engagement and interaction. The inclusion of Voice Updates, Polls, Share to Status, and Multiple Admins not only enriches the user experience but also underscores the platform's commitment to evolving with the changing dynamics of social communication.

As WhatsApp Channels continues to grow in popularity, these new features are poised to make it an even more versatile and user-friendly platform for content creators and organizations alike. The success of these updates will likely contribute to the sustained growth of WhatsApp Channels within the ever-expanding landscape of social media.