WhatsApp Ends Google Drive Storage Exemption for Android Backups in 2024


  • Starting 2024, WhatsApp backups on Android will use up Google Drive space.
  • The increase in size could mean room for bigger batteries, addressing user requests for longer battery life.
  • Options like direct transfer and text-only backups help manage storage.

  • WhatsApp has decided to end the exemption for its data from counting towards Google Drive storage for Android users. While the company has not provided a specific date for the implementation of this change, users on the beta version are already experiencing the impact.

    Changes Affecting Google Drive Storage:

    WhatsApp backups, which include chat history, images, and videos, will soon contribute to your Google Drive storage quota, irrespective of whether you are on a free or paid plan. This alteration aligns Android users with their iPhone counterparts, who have always had their WhatsApp backups counted towards iCloud storage.

    Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has confirmed that this change will apply to all Android users in the first half of 2024. Users will receive a 30-day notification, displayed as a banner in the app’s Chat Backup settings, to prepare for the shift.

    Alternatives for Users:

    For those concerned about the potential impact on their Google Drive storage, several alternatives are available:

    1. Direct Transfer: Utilize the built-in WhatsApp Chat Transfer tool to seamlessly migrate your data to a new device. This process requires both phones to be on the same Wi-Fi network, but no internet connection is necessary.

    2. Text-Only Backups: Opt for a more space-efficient approach by backing up only text messages, excluding media files.

    Considerations and Recommendations:

    This development serves as a reminder for users to be mindful of their cloud storage usage, especially with the decreasing size of free plans. It is advisable for Android users to plan ahead and consider options such as transferring chats, reducing media content, or switching to text-only backups.

    Meta's Statement and Notification Process:

    Meta has assured users that they will be notified 30 days before the change takes effect, offering a grace period for users to make necessary adjustments. This notification will be prominently displayed as a banner in the Chat Backup settings of the WhatsApp application.


    In conclusion, Android users should anticipate a shift in the way WhatsApp backups impact Google Drive storage. Whether it involves exploring alternative backup methods or simply being conscious of media content, preparing for this change ensures a seamless transition into WhatsApp's new storage policy. Stay informed and plan ahead to make the most of your Google Drive storage space in the evolving landscape of WhatsApp backups.