WhatsApp Tests 2GB Bluetooth File Sharing: Rivals Quick Share

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WhatsApp is testing a file-sharing feature, reminiscent of Android's Quick Share, which Google and Samsung recently upgraded. Quick Share facilitates seamless file-sharing between Android phones and computers using Chrome OS and Windows.

WhatsApp's Bluetooth File Sharing - A Quicker and More Convenient Option:

WhatsApp's experimental feature, discovered in the latest Android beta version by WABetaInfo, utilizes Bluetooth for file transfers. This new functionality allows users to share files of up to 2GB in size, offering a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional methods like sharing files through chat or utilizing cloud storage.

To initiate the transfer, both users need to be in the app's "Share Files" section and remain there until the transfer is complete. Despite this, the method ensures end-to-end encryption, maintaining the security standards of WhatsApp's regular file-sharing methods. Interestingly, users are required to shake their phones to start the sharing process.

WhatsApp's Bluetooth File Sharing

Privacy and Security in Focus:

Privacy is a priority in this new feature. The file transfer remains secure and protected by end-to-end encryption. During the transfer, phone numbers stay hidden and are not visible to individuals not in the contact list.

While this feature might seem redundant with the recent Quick Share update from Google and Samsung, its potential impact hinges on its compatibility across platforms. If it works seamlessly on both iOS and Android, it could be a game-changer. However, if not, other platforms may still boast better-built options.

In Other WhatsApp News - Four New Features for Channels Users:

In a related update, WhatsApp has announced four new features for Channels users. Users can now create polls, send voice messages, have multiple admins in Channels, and followers can share Channel updates on their WhatsApp status.

This move indicates WhatsApp's continuous efforts to enhance user experience and engagement within the platform. The addition of these features aligns with the evolving communication needs of users, making WhatsApp a more versatile platform for both personal and business use.

As WhatsApp explores new avenues for user interaction and file-sharing capabilities, it remains to be seen how these features will be received by the vast user base. The competition among messaging platforms is fierce, and these updates could play a crucial role in defining WhatsApp's position in the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication.

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