Apple Plans Larger Foldable Device, Not iPhone: Reports

Foldable phones are trending, and Apple's been noticeably absent. But new reports suggest the tech giant's first foldable device won't be an iPhone – it could be something bigger.
Foldable iPhone Concept
Foldable iPhone Concept

Key Points:

  • Apple's first foldable device might not be an iPhone, but a larger device like a tablet or notebook.
  • Development is nearing completion, with mass production potentially on the horizon.
  • Exact form factor remains unclear, but launch could happen in 2025 or later.

Beyond the iPhone:

While rumors have swirled about a foldable iPhone, a recent report from DigiTimes throws a curveball. Their sources indicate Apple's initial foldable offering might be a larger device, potentially entering the tablet or even notebook realm. This could signal a unique approach from Apple in the foldable market.

Development Progress:

The report suggests development has been ongoing for at least five years, with the design finalization nearing completion. This hints at potential mass production in the not-so-distant future.

What It Could Be:

While the report doesn't specify the exact form factor, it opens up exciting possibilities. Could it be a foldable iPad with enhanced multitasking capabilities? Or perhaps a revolutionary foldable notebook, blurring the lines between mobile and desktop computing?

Release Timeline:

With Apple known for taking its time with new product launches, the first foldable device is likely to arrive in 2025 or later. This allows for further refinement of the hinge mechanism, a crucial component for a seamless foldable experience.


This information comes from a report, and official confirmation from Apple is still awaited. Take the news with a grain of salt until further details emerge.

The Future Unfolds:

Apple's entry into the foldable market has been eagerly anticipated. While the exact form factor remains under wraps, the possibility of a larger, innovative device is sure to pique the interest of tech enthusiasts.