Apple Vision Pro Users Report Unexplained Cracks, Repair Costs Spark Frustration

  • Apple Vision Pro owners worry as cracks appear on front glass, despite gentle handling.
  • Fixing cracked glass costs up to $800, causing frustration among users seeking solutions.
  • Users disappointed as Apple denies a manufacturing defect, leaving many with repair bills.

Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro, has dazzled tech enthusiasts with its impressive VR/AR capabilities. However, a concerning issue is emerging among owners, as Reddit forums light up with reports of mysterious cracks appearing on the front glass. Despite a hefty price tag of $3,500, users are expressing frustration as their high-end headsets seem to develop hairline cracks without any apparent cause.
Apple Vision Pro
Crack on the front glass of Apple Vision Pro reported by users.

Crack Reports on Reddit:

Numerous Vision Pro owners have taken to Reddit to share their grievances, showcasing near-identical hairline cracks near the nose bridge in accompanying photos. What's perplexing is that users insist they haven't subjected their headsets to any rough handling or pressure. One user even reported waking up to a crack despite taking precautions like polishing the front glass and using a cover.
Crack Reports on Reddit
Apple Vision Pro owner reporting crack on front glass on Reddit

Speculations on Causes:

As of now, the cause of these cracks remains elusive. Some users speculate an overheating issue may be at play, while others suggest a design flaw that exerts excessive pressure on the glass during strap tightening. The absence of a clear explanation has left users puzzled and frustrated.

Repair Costs and Apple's Response:

Repairing the cracked front glass comes with a substantial price tag. With Apple Care, the cost is $300, while those without the Care plan face an $800 expense. Discontent escalated when affected users reached out to Apple, only to be informed that they must bear the repair costs. Apple allegedly asserted that the issue has not been officially recognized as a manufacturing defect.

Widespread Impact and User Dilemma:

The extent of this issue remains uncertain, leaving many users anxious about the durability of their high-end purchase. The uniformity in reported cracks suggests a potential design flaw that could impact a significant number of units. The reluctance of Apple to acknowledge the problem as a manufacturing defect adds to the frustration for users who expected premium quality.


While the Apple Vision Pro continues to impress with its cutting-edge technology, the reported cracks on the front glass pose a significant concern for owners. The lack of a clear explanation and the associated high repair costs have sparked discontent within the user community. As Apple addresses these issues, users are left waiting for a resolution to ensure their premium VR/AR experience remains untarnished. The coming weeks will likely shed more light on the scale of the problem and the steps Apple takes to rectify it.

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