Meta and MCA Launch WhatsApp Helpline to Combat Deepfakes

  • Meta and MCA team up for WhatsApp deepfake helpline.
  • Users can report fake content via WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Helpline set to launch March 2024, combating misinformation.

In the ongoing battle against misinformation, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has partnered with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to launch a groundbreaking initiative aimed at countering the proliferation of misleading content, particularly the deceptive deepfakes, on WhatsApp.
Meta and MCA

What is Deepfake?

Deepfakes are AI-generated videos or images that manipulate content to depict events or statements that never occurred. They pose a significant threat as they can easily mislead individuals, especially on important public issues.

Introducing the Fact-Checking Helpline:

The collaborative effort between Meta and MCA brings forth a fact-checking helpline accessible through WhatsApp. This innovative approach aims to provide users with verified and credible information, empowering them to distinguish between authentic content and deepfakes. Users can report suspicious content via the WhatsApp chatbot, initiating a process of analysis and verification by the MCA.

Multilingual Support and Deepfake Analysis Unit:

Recognizing India's diverse linguistic landscape, the helpline offers support in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. To bolster the effectiveness of the initiative, the MCA will establish a dedicated 'deepfake analysis unit' tasked with analyzing incoming reports. This unit will collaborate with member fact-checking organizations and industry partners to verify content authenticity and debunk false claims promptly.

Four-Pillar Approach:

Meta emphasizes a comprehensive approach to combat misinformation, focusing on detection, prevention, reporting, and awareness-building. By implementing these pillars, the initiative strives to mitigate the spread of deepfakes and equip users with reliable information.

March 2024 Rollout:

The public can anticipate access to the MCA's WhatsApp helpline starting March 2024. This rollout marks a significant step forward in Meta's commitment to empowering users and combating misinformation on its platforms.

Stakeholder Perspectives:

Shivnath Thukral, Director of Public Policy India at Meta, acknowledges the challenges posed by AI-generated misinformation. He underscores the importance of collaborative efforts to address this issue, highlighting Meta's commitment to combat deceptive AI use, particularly in the context of the 2024 Elections.

Bharat Gupta, President of the Misinformation Combat Alliance, commends the establishment of the Deepfakes Analysis Unit as a crucial step in curbing AI-driven misinformation. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of the initiative, inviting additional stakeholders to join in the endeavor.


The collaboration between Meta and the Misinformation Combat Alliance represents a significant stride in the ongoing battle against misinformation, particularly the insidious threat of deepfakes. By leveraging WhatsApp as a platform for fact-checking and providing multilingual support, the initiative aims to empower users with reliable information and foster a healthier information landscape. As the helpline prepares for its March 2024 launch, stakeholders anticipate its role in combating the spread of deceptive content and promoting digital literacy among users.