WhatsApp Beta Update: Fixes Camera Bug, Introduces File-Sharing Feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a crucial update (version for its Android beta users, focusing on resolving a significant camera bug that had been causing disruptions for beta testers. The bug, identified in the previous update, had been preventing users from initiating the camera within the app, posing challenges when attempting to capture and share photos or videos directly through WhatsApp chats or the updates tab.

Camera Bug Addressed:

Numerous beta testers had reported encountering an error message prompting them to restart their devices whenever they tried to use the camera feature. Surprisingly, neither restarting the phone nor force-closing the app provided a solution to this persistent issue. This problem substantially affected the user experience, as the ability to capture and share visual content is a fundamental aspect of the WhatsApp platform.
Camera Bug Addressed
Recognizing the severity of the situation, WhatsApp swiftly worked on a solution. The new update, now available on the Google Play Store, not only introduces a fix for the camera bug but also includes an exciting new file-sharing feature. This addition streamlines the process of sharing files with people nearby, enhancing the overall functionality of the app.

File-Sharing Feature:

This latest update comes as a relief for users, especially those with the auto-update feature enabled, ensuring a smoother, bug-free experience. The file-sharing feature is expected to make the sharing of files more convenient and efficient within the WhatsApp platform.

Looking Ahead:

In addition to addressing the camera bug, WhatsApp is actively working on introducing new features. Recently, the app upgraded its Channels feature, incorporating four new additions: voice messages, polls, multiple admins, and the ability for followers to share updates on their WhatsApp Status. Furthermore, WhatsApp is currently testing polls within channels, showcasing a commitment to continually enhance the user experience.


For users keen on an uninterrupted camera feature experience, it is advisable to download and install this latest beta version from the Google Play Store. WhatsApp's commitment to resolving issues promptly and introducing innovative features demonstrates its dedication to providing a seamless and enriched user experience. Stay tuned for more updates as WhatsApp continues to evolve and enhance its platform.