Truecaller Rolls Out Call Recording, AI Transcription for Android, iOS in India

Calling all Android and iOS users in India! Truecaller just launched its AI-powered call recording and transcription features in your region. This means you can now ditch third-party apps and record your conversations directly within the Truecaller app, complete with automatic transcriptions for easy reference.

Record and Get Transcriptions of Your Calls Easily:

Truecaller Rolls Out Call Recording
Truecaller Call Recording
With this new update, you can:
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls: No need for additional apps. Start and stop recording directly within Truecaller.
  • Get AI-powered transcriptions: Once the call ends, the app will transcribe the entire conversation for you.
  • Manage your recordings: Play back recordings, rename them, delete unwanted ones, or share them with other apps.

Here's How it Works:

The process differs slightly between Android and iOS due to system limitations:
  • On iPhone: Truecaller utilizes a unique call merge function. You'll initiate a call with Truecaller's recording line, then merge it with the actual call you want to record.
  • On Android: Recording is much simpler. Use the dedicated recording button within the Truecaller dialer or the floating button if you're using another dialer app.

Important Notes:

  • This feature is part of Truecaller's Premium plan, starting at Rs. 75 per month or Rs. 529 per year.
  • Transcriptions are currently available in English and Hindi.
  • Some Android phone models, like Google Pixel 8 series and Samsung phones with Galaxy AI, already offer built-in call transcription.

Truecaller Fills a Gap for Many Users:

While some smartphone models have built-in call recording and transcription features, Truecaller offers a valuable solution for those who don't. The app's integration and user-friendly interface make it a convenient option, especially for users who rely on call recordings for personal or professional needs.