Apple Cancels MicroLED Display Order for Next-Gen Apple Watch Ultra

Apple fans hoping for a next-generation Apple Watch Ultra with a cutting-edge microLED display might have to wait longer. Recent reports suggest Apple has canceled a major microLED order and put its microLED display plans on hold.

MicroLED Delays for Apple Watch Ultra:

Rumors of the Apple Watch Ultra receiving a microLED display upgrade have circulated for over a year. However, alleged production issues pushed the expected release date to 2027. Now, it seems the timeline might be further impacted.

Apple Cancels MicroLED Order:

Apple Cancels MicroLED Order
Apple reportedly canceled a significant microLED order with ams-Osram, an Austrian technology company. While ams-Osram did not confirm Apple's identity as the buyer, they did acknowledge the unexpected cancellation of a "cornerstone project" affecting their microLED strategy.

Analyst Insight and Conflicting Reports:

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the canceled order confirms Apple's halt on the microLED Apple Watch project. He suggests Apple believes microLED technology currently offers no significant value to its products and deems the production costs too high.

However, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman offers a different perspective. He suggests ams-Osram might just be one of Apple's microLED suppliers, and the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra might still receive the display upgrade.

Apple's MicroLED Ambitions on Hold:

Previously, rumors suggested Apple planned to gradually introduce microLED displays across its entire device range, starting with the Apple Watch and progressing to iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. However, the recent developments cast doubt on these plans, at least for the foreseeable future.


While the future of microLED displays in Apple products remains uncertain, the reported cancellation and cost concerns suggest a significant delay in their adoption. Only time will tell if Apple revises its microLED strategy or abandons the technology altogether.