Apple Plans OLED iPad Air in 2028 and Foldable iPhone by 2026, Reports Suggest

  • Apple's new iPad Pros coming out this year might have much better screens!
  • There might also be an iPad Air with a fancy new screen in 2028.
  • Apple might be working on a foldable iPhone in the future!

Apple is reportedly moving forward with OLED displays in a big way, with analyst predictions suggesting a surge in OLED iPad Pros and a foldable iPhone on the horizon.
Apple’s foldable iPhone/iPad
Apple Foldable iPhone Concept Design
  • OLED Boom for iPads: This year's iPad Pro refresh, expected between April and June, is likely to feature OLED displays for the first time. Market research predicts strong demand, with shipments exceeding 9 million OLED iPad Pros this year alone. Samsung and LG are reportedly gearing up to produce these new displays.
  • Differentiated OLED Tech for iPad Air: The rumors don't stop there. Analysts suggest an OLED iPad Air is coming in 2028, but with a different technology compared to the iPad Pro. The Air model is expected to utilize a single-layer OLED, while the Pro embraces a double-layer version for potentially better performance.
  • OLED Expansion Beyond Tablets: The demand for OLED laptops is also projected to grow, with various manufacturers seeking to capitalize on this premium display technology.
  • Foldable iPhone in the Works: Looking ahead, Apple might be embracing the foldable phone trend. Analysts predict a 7-8 inch foldable iPhone gracing us in 2026. This could leverage the experience of competitors like Samsung and Google who have already launched foldable phones.
Apple's shift towards OLED displays and exploration of foldable technology suggests exciting advancements for their product line. With a focus on enhanced visuals and potential form factor innovations, the future of Apple devices appears bright, literally.