Elon Musk Announces Long-Form Videos Coming Soon to X on Smart TVs

Social media platform X is set to expand its reach to the living room, with billionaire owner Elon Musk confirming the upcoming arrival of long-form videos accessible directly on smart TVs. This news comes alongside the reported launch of a dedicated X TV app for Amazon and Samsung users next week.

X Embraces Video and Targets YouTube:

The move highlights X's growing focus on video content. The platform previously introduced video and audio calling features in October 2023, and Musk has openly stated his ambitions to transform X into a "super app" offering a vast array of services, including messaging and peer-to-peer payments.
Elon Musk X image
Elon Musk X's image
According to Musk's response on X to a user's query, the platform is gearing up to directly compete with YouTube, the dominant force in online video. Fortune magazine cited an unnamed source who claims the upcoming X TV app will share similarities with YouTube's established TV application.

X Seeks to Capitalize on Partnerships and Advertising:

While details about the X TV app remain scarce, X has been actively bolstering its video content by securing partnerships with prominent figures. The platform has attracted former news anchors Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon, signifying a push towards becoming a major video-first platform.

X's journey hasn't been without challenges. The platform has reportedly struggled to retain advertisers since Musk's acquisition in 2022, mired in controversy. However, a recent development indicates a potential solution: X announced the ability for advertisers to place video ads alongside content from specific creators in February 2024.

The Future of X: A Multi-Faceted Platform

The expansion to smart TVs and the focus on video content represent significant developments for X. By offering long-form videos and a dedicated app, X aims to compete with established players and carve out a niche in the living room entertainment space. Whether X can successfully navigate this competitive landscape and attract advertisers remains to be seen. One thing is certain: X is transforming into a multifaceted platform with ambitions beyond social media.