iPhone 16 CAD Render Leaked: Revealing New Buttons, Camera Module, and Features

Apple's next iPhone generation, the iPhone 16 series, is expected to launch in September 2024. Rumors suggest significant design changes, including new buttons and a revamped camera system. Leaked CAD renders, shared by tipster Majin Bu, provide a glimpse of what to expect.

Vertical Camera Module:

The most striking design change is the camera layout. The iPhone 16 is rumored to ditch the diagonal camera bump seen on recent models in favor of a vertical arrangement, similar to the original iPhone X. This could offer a more streamlined look and potentially accommodate larger camera sensors.
iPhone 16 CAD Render
iPhone 16 CAD Render

New Buttons and Functionality:

The leaked renders also reveal additional buttons on the iPhone 16. One is likely the familiar "Action Button" currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro models. This button allows users to quickly access specific functions, such as launching the camera or activating the flashlight.

However, the bigger news is the rumored "Capture Button" situated below the power button. This dedicated button could serve as a shortcut for starting video recordings. Some reports suggest it might even be pressure-sensitive, enabling users to adjust focus and zoom during video capture.

The "Action Button" is expected to replace the silent mode button found on previous iPhone models. Users can customize the Action Button's functionality through the Shortcuts app, allowing it to perform various actions.

Possible Expansion of Spatial Video:

Apple might introduce "Spatial Video" recording capabilities to the base iPhone 16 models. Currently, this feature, which allows for immersive 3D audio recording, is limited to the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Multiple iPhone 16 Models Expected:

The iPhone 16 lineup might see an increase in models this year. Rumors suggest Apple could introduce five variants: iPhone 16 SE, iPhone 16 Plus SE, iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The base iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus SE are expected to be powered by the new A18 Bionic chip built on a 3nm manufacturing process by TSMC.

Overall, the leaked CAD renders and rumors paint a picture of a potentially significant design overhaul for the iPhone 16 series. New buttons, a vertical camera layout, and the expansion of features like Spatial Video recording could be major selling points for Apple's upcoming flagship smartphones.