iPhone 17 Rumored to Get a Glare-Busting, Scratch-Resistant Display

Apple's next iPhone, the iPhone 17, might come with a significant display upgrade according to a leak. This new display is rumored to be both anti-reflective and more scratch-resistant than previous iPhones.

Super Hard, Super Clear:

The rumor comes from a report by Instant Digital on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. The leak suggests Apple has acquired new display coating equipment from Japan and delivered it to their Chinese suppliers. This equipment is most likely intended for use in upcoming iPhones, potentially starting with the iPhone 17.
iPhone 17 Display
image: iPhone 15 Pro Max Display (Credit: Unsplash / @amanz)
With this new equipment, Apple might be implementing a "super-hard anti-reflective" display for the iPhone 17. This would offer a significant improvement over the current "Ceramic Shield" technology used on the iPhone 12 and later models. Ceramic Shield, while strong, has faced criticism for its susceptibility to scratches.

Gorilla Glass or Something New?

Currently, Apple uses Corning Gorilla Glass, with their own twist, for their displays. This partnership has been fruitful, with Gorilla Glass being a staple in many Apple devices. However, Samsung's recent Galaxy S24 Ultra uses Corning's latest Gorilla Glass Armor, which boasts impressive scratch resistance and glare reduction.

The leak doesn't mention if Apple will be switching to Gorilla Glass Armor specifically. It's possible Apple might be working with Corning on a similar technology with a different name. Regardless of the exact solution, it seems Apple is aiming to improve upon the scratch resistance of the iPhone display.

Looking Ahead:

The long-standing partnership between Apple and Corning suggests that the Ceramic Shield technology, introduced in 2020, might be around until at least fall 2025 if this rumor holds true. This new display technology, if implemented, would likely be a major selling point for the iPhone 17.

Overall, this rumor indicates that Apple is prioritizing display improvements for the iPhone 17. With a focus on both scratch resistance and reduced glare, iPhone users might be in for a clearer and more durable viewing experience.