iPhone SE 4 Screen Protector Image Leaked: Is Apple Bringing Back the Classic?

Apple's rumored iPhone SE 4 has been generating a lot of buzz lately. Initial reports suggested the phone might be canceled, but recent rumors point to a possible launch in 2024 alongside the iPhone 16 series or in 2025.

Adding fuel to the fire, tipster @SonnyDickson recently leaked a live image of what appears to be a screen protector for the iPhone SE 4 on social media platform X.
iPhone SE 4
iPhone SE 4 Leaked image

Possible Features of the iPhone SE 4:

Earlier leaks indicated the iPhone SE 4 could sport a significant upgrade: a 6.1-inch notched OLED display manufactured by a Chinese company. This display size is similar to the iPhone 13 and 14, and the leaked screen protector image seems to reinforce this connection.

Further rumors suggest the phone might also come with:
  • Face ID recognition system
  • A dedicated Action button (similar to some Android phones)
  • A USB-C charging port (replacing the traditional Lightning port)
  • A single rear camera, unlike the dual or triple-lens systems found on higher-end iPhones
While Apple has yet to officially confirm the iPhone SE 4's existence, these leaks offer some intriguing possibilities. Stay tuned for further updates as we learn more about this potential new addition to Apple's iPhone lineup.