Lost Phone No More? Android 15 Might Help You Find It Even When Powered Off

Ever misplaced your phone only to realize it's switched off? The panic of searching blindly or hoping someone will call you is a thing of the past with the upcoming Android 15 update. Google is introducing a game-changer: the ability to locate your lost Android smartphone even when it's powered down!

How Does it Work?

This magic trick relies on a new feature called "Powered Off Finding" within the Find My Device system. Imagine tiny digital beacons constantly emitted by your phone, even when it's off. That's exactly what happens! These beacons, stored within the Bluetooth controller's memory, help other nearby devices detect your lost phone's location.
Android 15
Icons showing how to join Google's Find My Device network (source: Android Police / Mishaal Rahman)
Here's the catch: to function, this feature requires special hardware that allows the Bluetooth controller to have a little bit of juice even when the phone is off. This might also involve a small reserve battery specifically for this purpose.

Who Gets This Cool Feature?

The good news is that the Pixel 8, Google's latest smartphone, is expected to benefit from this update. But there's more! The report suggests older Pixel models like the Pixel 7 series and Fold might not have the necessary hardware to support this feature, at least for now. Google hasn't clarified if it's a pure hardware limitation or a software restriction.

However, there's a glimmer of hope for these older devices. Google might extend this functionality to some of them in the future, particularly high-end models like the Pixel Fold.

What Do You Need to Do?

To enjoy this handy feature, ensure you update your phone to Android 15 and have the latest version of Google's Find My Device app.

This innovation by Google is a big win for Android users, offering peace of mind and a greater chance of recovering a lost phone. With Android 15, finding your misplaced phone, even when it's powered off, becomes a reality!