New iPhone 16 Leak Reveals Potential Vertical Camera Setup

Leaked protective cases suggest that the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus could ditch the diagonal camera layout for a vertical one. This change might pave the way for the inclusion of a sought-after feature: spatial video.

Why the Vertical Camera Arrangement Makes Sense:

For the past three generations, standard iPhones have sported a diagonal camera setup. However, the "spatial video" feature, available on the iPhone 15 Pro series and the Vision Pro headset, requires a vertical alignment of the main and wide-angle lenses. This explains why the standard models haven't had spatial video so far.
iphone 16 cases
iPhone 16 Leaked Cases
The leaked case with a pill-shaped camera cutout for the standard iPhone 16 models aligns perfectly with the rumored vertical camera arrangement. This, along with reports of Apple testing such designs, strengthens the possibility of a major camera upgrade for the base iPhones.

Beyond the Camera: More Exciting Features on the Horizon

The leaked information hints at other potential upgrades for the standard iPhone 16. These include:

An "Action Button" similar to the one found on the iPhone 15 Pro models.
A new "capture button" specifically designed for horizontal video shooting and offering various camera controls.

It's important to remember that these are based on prototype cases and might not reflect the final design. However, they offer a glimpse into the exciting features Apple might be planning for the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup.

We'll keep you updated as more information surfaces!