Samsung May Extend Galaxy AI to Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung's Galaxy S24 smartphones came packed with impressive new AI features under the Galaxy AI umbrella. These features are also on the way for users of the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, and other recent devices with the upcoming One UI 6.1 update. But what about the Galaxy S22 lineup, Samsung's previous flagship phones?

Initially, there were concerns that the Galaxy S22 series might miss out on this AI upgrade. However, recent comments from Samsung officials offer a glimmer of hope.

Samsung Investigating Ways to Bring Galaxy AI to Galaxy S22:

Galaxy S22 Series
image: Samsung Galaxy S23 Series
During a shareholders' meeting, TM Roh, President of Samsung's Mobile Division, revealed that the company is actively exploring methods to bring Galaxy AI features to older devices, including the Galaxy S22 series.

There are some hurdles to overcome. While some Galaxy AI features rely on cloud processing, others require the phone's own hardware for smooth operation. The Galaxy S22 series might not have the necessary on-device processing capabilities for all the AI features.

Here's where things get interesting: the Galaxy S23 FE, which shares the same chipset as the S22 series, is expected to receive Galaxy AI with the One Ui 6.1 update. This suggests that the chipset itself might not be the main obstacle.

TM Roh acknowledged the challenges but emphasized Samsung's commitment to finding a solution. They are prepared to invest resources to make Galaxy AI a reality for Galaxy S22 users.

Will Galaxy S22 Get Galaxy AI?

Whether the Galaxy S22 series will ultimately receive these AI features remains to be seen. However, Samsung's ongoing efforts are certainly a positive sign for S22 owners.

Samsung's Foldable and Rollable Devices Still in Development:

In other news, TM Roh also confirmed that Samsung is continuing development of their innovative foldable and rollable phones. These comments suggest Samsung is carefully evaluating the market for these new form factors while securing necessary patents to move forward.