Vivo Launches Pad 3 Pro Tablet and TWS 4 Earphones on

Vivo recently unveiled two exciting new devices – the Pad 3 Pro tablet and TWS 4 earphones – on These products, previously leaked online, have finally been officially revealed, boasting impressive features.

Vivo Pad 3 Pro Specifications and Features:

The star of the show is undoubtedly the Pad 3 Pro tablet. Designed with productivity in mind, it packs a punch with a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor and a stunning 13-inch, 3.1K eye-protecting display with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. This ensures a seamless and visually captivating experience, perfect for work or entertainment.
Vivo Pad 3 Pro Specifications and Features
Vivo Pad 3 Pro image
Vivo has optimized its OriginOS 4 tablet system for the Pad 3 Pro, promising a user-friendly experience. Additionally, a massive 11500mAh battery keeps the device powered for extended periods, while an 8-speaker panoramic acoustic system delivers rich audio.

For those who crave on-the-go productivity, the Pad 3 Pro boasts a range of features:
  • Voice recognition and text transcription
  • Atomic note management
  • Communication sharing
  • Built-in Vivo office suite
  • Multi-device interconnection
These features, along with Lanxin Xiao V's “text and picture complement each other and mind map” functionality, make the Pad 3 Pro a compelling option for creative professionals and busy individuals.

Vivo TWS 4 Earphones Specifications and Features:

Vivo TWS 4 Earphones Specifications and Features
Vivo TWS 4 Earbuds
The TWS 4 earphones are no slouches either. They boast the world's first ceramic tungsten acoustic diaphragm, promising exceptional sound quality. Additionally, they feature:
  • Active noise cancellation up to 55db with AI enhancement
  • Hi-Fi version with cutting-edge Qualcomm S3 audio platform for gamers (44ms low latency)
  • Feather-light design (4.8 grams per bud)
  • Remarkable battery life (45 hours total, 11 hours on a single charge)

In Summary:

Vivo's latest offerings cater to both productivity-focused users and audiophiles. The Pad 3 Pro tablet boasts a powerful processor, a stunning display, and a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for work or play. The TWS 4 earphones, with their innovative design and exceptional audio quality, are perfect for those who demand immersive sound on the go.