iPhone 16 Plus Could Come in New Colors: White and Purple Rumored!

Apple fans hoping for more vibrant color options on the iPhone 16 Plus might be in luck. Recent rumors suggest Apple could be adding two new colors to the lineup, expanding the choices for consumers.

Seven Color Options for iPhone 16 Plus (Rumored):

iPhone 16 Plus
iPhone 16 Plus Color Options
Currently, the iPhone 15 (non-Pro models) come in a palette of Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Black. According to a leak from Fixed Focus Digital on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, Apple might be introducing White and Purple to the iPhone 16 Plus.
iPhone 16 Plus
Tweet Screenshot
It's important to remember that this information comes from a single source and hasn't been confirmed by Apple or other reliable sources. However, the leak gained traction after a Twitter account followed by many Apple enthusiasts, Apple Hub, reshared the information and even created an image showcasing the rumored colors.

Color Options for Other iPhone 16 Models Unclear:

While the leak suggests new colors for the Plus model, it's unclear if these will be exclusive to it or offered on the standard iPhone 16 as well. Rumors regarding the iPhone 16 Pro line hint at potential color changes too, with Space Black, White, Gray, and Rose being the possibilities.

Color: A Key Design Element for Some Users

While some phone users prioritize function over aesthetics and protect their phones with cases, the color scheme can significantly influence a phone's overall look and feel. For certain phones, cases might not completely hide the entire design. With a rumored wider range of colors for the iPhone 16 lineup, users might have more freedom to choose a phone that complements their style.

In Summary:

The iPhone 16 Plus could be getting a colorful makeover with the addition of White and Purple to its color options. While this information is not yet confirmed by Apple, it has sparked excitement among some Apple fans. With a potentially wider range of colors across the iPhone 16 lineup, users might have more freedom to find a phone that suits their taste.