Nokia 3210 Makes a Comeback: The Classic Phone Gets a 4G Upgrade!

Remember the virtually indestructible Nokia 3210 that dominated the market in 1999? Hold onto your hats because HMD Global, the company that currently holds the rights to the Nokia brand, just teased its return with a brand new twist – 4G connectivity!

This exciting news came out of the recent HMD Pulse launch event in Kenya. The teaser image revealed that the new Nokia 3210 will retain its signature design on the front, but with some key upgrades for the modern age. Here's what we can expect:
Nokia 3210 4G
Nokia 3210
  • 4G connectivity: This will allow users to access the internet with faster speeds, enabling features like web browsing, social media, and even basic online messaging.
  • Bluetooth support: This will be a welcome addition for connecting wireless headphones or even a car kit.
  • Rear camera with LED flash: The original Nokia 3210 didn't have a camera, so this is a whole new feature for this classic phone. While details are scarce, it's likely to be a basic camera for capturing simple moments.
The image also shows the phone in a sleek blue color, but we can probably expect more color options to be available when it officially launches.

Speaking of launch date, that information remains under wraps for now. HMD Global also teased a few other new phones in the same category, including the Nokia 215 4G, Nokia 225 4G, and Nokia 235 4G. These phones will all have a similar design with 2.4" IPS screens, with the main difference being the presence (or absence) of a rear camera.
Nokia 3210 4G
Nokia Feature Phones
Whether you're a nostalgic phone enthusiast or simply looking for a basic and durable phone with a long battery life, the return of the Nokia 3210 with 4G capabilities is definitely something to keep an eye on. Stay tuned for more updates as we wait for the official release date!