Samsung Enhancing Bixby with ChatGPT-like Generative AI Features

Samsung's voice assistant, Bixby, is set for a significant upgrade that could make it more competitive with rivals like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. According to a recent report, Samsung is planning to equip Bixby with capabilities similar to ChatGPT, a powerful generative AI tool.

Bixby's Struggles and The Generative AI Boost:

Bixby Launched in 2017 on the Galaxy S8 series. While it was initially intended to be a central part of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, it failed to gain traction compared to its competitors. Many users found Bixby's functionality limited, and it lacked the conversational fluency of other assistants.

Samsung is now looking to change that with generative AI. This type of AI can process information and respond in a more human-like way, allowing Bixby to have more natural conversations and potentially complete more complex tasks.

What to Expect from the Upgrade:

Samsung Bixby
Samsung Bixby
The exact details of the upgrade haven't been revealed yet, but Samsung has confirmed that Bixby will be getting smarter thanks to generative AI and large language models (LLMs). This could mean Bixby will be able to:

Engage in more natural conversations, understanding context and responding accordingly.
Generate different creative text formats, like poems, code, musical pieces, scripts, email, letters, etc.
Answer your questions in a more informative way, even if they are open ended, challenging, or strange.

Timeline and Samsung's AI Strategy:

Samsung hasn't provided a specific timeframe for when Bixby will receive the generative AI upgrade. However, the company has assured users that they are actively working on bringing these improvements to Bixby.

It's important to note that Samsung already offers a suite of AI-powered features called Galaxy AI. These features are separate from Bixby, and Samsung has clarified that both will continue to co-exist. Additionally, Samsung has its own AI model, Samsung Gauss, which may play a role in powering the upgraded Bixby.

Overall, this move by Samsung signals their commitment to improving Bixby and making it a more competitive voice assistant in the ever-evolving AI landscape.