Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra: Potential Third Foldable Phone for 2024

Samsung fans, rejoice! There's a chance you might be seeing not just one, but two foldable phones from the tech giant this year. According to a report by GalaxyClub, Samsung could be launching a premium "Ultra" variant alongside the standard Galaxy Z Fold 6.

This isn't entirely new news. Back in February, rumors swirled about an Ultra-branded foldable phone gracing the market with the regular Z Fold 6. Now, GalaxyClub might have just added some fuel to the fire.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra: Model Number Leaks

The report digs into model numbers, which can often be cryptic clues for upcoming devices. Last year's Galaxy Z Fold 5 sported the model number SM-F946. Following this pattern, the upcoming Z Fold 6 is expected to have the model number SM-F956. Interestingly, GalaxyClub suggests the potential Ultra variant might carry the model number SM-F958.
Samsung Fold Phone Image
Samsung Fold Phone Image
Samsung uses the "8" designation for its Ultra devices, as seen with the Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-S928). While the model number hints at a possible Z Fold 6 Ultra, it's important to note that the official name remains unconfirmed.

Limited Release?

The news gets a bit tempered with a potential limited release for the Z Fold 6 Ultra. The report suggests that currently, only a South Korean variant (SM-F958N) is in development. There's no indication yet of versions planned for markets like Europe or the US.

What About Specs and Release Date?

Unfortunately, details about the Z Fold 6 Ultra's specifications are still under wraps. Samsung is expected to hold its Galaxy Unpacked event in early July this year, where they might unveil the Z Fold 6 Ultra alongside the standard Z Fold 6, the Z Flip 6, and a rumored device called the Galaxy Ring.

With the event on the horizon, hopefully we'll get a clearer picture of the Z Fold 6 Ultra, including its specs, features, and global availability.