Honor Announces Reentry into Indian Smartphone Market with Upcoming Launch


Honor has officially confirmed its return to the Indian smartphone market. The company's strategic decision to re-enter India comes after a hiatus of over three years, marking a significant moment for both Honor enthusiasts and the Indian mobile industry. The recent development was unveiled alongside the news of former Realme CEO, Madhav Sheth, joining the ranks of Honor Tech India.

Honor's India Comeback:

Honor's reentry into the Indian smartphone arena holds great promise for consumers who have eagerly awaited the brand's return. The company's initial departure from the market in 2020 followed its separation from Huawei, a move aimed at gaining independence and fostering innovation. This hiatus allowed Honor to regroup, recalibrate its strategies, and envision a fresh approach tailored to the Indian consumer base.

Madhav Sheth's Endorsement:

Adding to the excitement, the inclusion of Madhav Sheth, the former CEO of Realme, in the Honor Tech India team, serves as a testament to the brand's commitment to achieving excellence. Sheth's experience and insights garnered from his tenure at Realme are expected to infuse a renewed dynamism into Honor's operations, product development, and customer engagement.

Partnership with Indian Brands:

During the interim period of Honor's absence from the Indian smartphone market, PSAV Global emerged as the official distributor of Honor products. Over the past three years, PSAV Global successfully introduced a range of Honor wearables, tablets, and laptops to the Indian audience. In line with this partnership, industry experts predict that PSAV Global will continue its role as the official Honor distributor, leveraging its well-established retail and distribution network.

Upcoming Device - Honor 90:

The culmination of Honor's strategic planning is anticipated to be the launch of its newest device, the Honor 90, in the Indian market. This smartphone is poised to offer cutting-edge technology, innovative features, and a design reflective of Honor's commitment to delivering excellence. With the brand's rich legacy and the infusion of fresh leadership and ideas, the Honor 90 is expected to make a significant splash upon its entry into the Indian smartphone landscape.


As Honor makes its triumphant return to the Indian smartphone market, it does so with a blend of nostalgia and innovation. The strategic inclusion of Madhav Sheth, the continuity of the PSAV Global partnership, and the imminent launch of the Honor 90 collectively set the stage for a promising new chapter in the brand's journey. Consumers, tech enthusiasts, and the industry at large eagerly await Honor's first steps back into the limelight, heralding a new era of smartphone excellence.


Q: Is Honor returning to the Indian smartphone market?
Yes, Honor has officially confirmed its reentry into the Indian smartphone market after a hiatus of over three years.

Q: Who is Madhav Sheth and what is his role in Honor's return?
Madhav Sheth, former CEO of Realme, is now part of Honor Tech India, contributing his expertise to the brand's revival.

Q: Why did Honor leave the Indian market initially?
Honor withdrew from the Indian market in 2020 to gain independence from Huawei and reshape its strategies.

Q: What role did PSAV Global play during Honor's absence?
PSAV Global became the official distributor of Honor products, introducing wearables, tablets, and laptops to Indian consumers.

Q: Will PSAV Global continue to be Honor's products distributor?
Yes, experts predict that PSAV Global will continue its partnership as the official Honor distributor in India.

Q: What is the upcoming device from Honor?
Honor's upcoming device is the Honor 90, anticipated to combine innovative technology and design.

Q: When will the Honor 90 be launched in India?
The specific launch date for the Honor 90 in India has not been confirmed yet.