vivo V29e leaked images reveal a new design, that could be the cheapest V29 series phone, launching in India soon

vivo V29e images show a flat display and no Aura Glow light, should launch in India later this month

The world of smartphones is ever-evolving, with each new release offering innovative features and enhancements. The vivo V29 series, which made its debut in June, has been making waves with its unique offerings. While the V29 Lite and vanilla V29 have already graced the European markets, the series is now set to captivate the Indian audience with its new addition – the vivo V29e.

In this detailed article, we will delve into the distinct features of the upcoming vivo V29e, comparing it to its predecessors and shedding light on its potential impact on the smartphone market.

The Design Evolution:

Leaked images of the vivo V29e, shared by reputable sources like Ishan Agarwal and 91Mobiles, reveal intriguing design changes that set it apart from its siblings in the V29 series. Notably, the V29e flaunts a unique camera setup, featuring two separate lenses without the conventional camera island. This departure from the norm showcases vivo's commitment to pushing design boundaries.

Moreover, the absence of the "Aura Light," a distinctive 15.6mm LED circle found on the vanilla V29, is another intriguing omission in the V29e. The Aura Light, known for its promise of even illumination for portrait shots, has become a hallmark of vivo's camera technology. While its absence might raise eyebrows, it also suggests a deliberate choice to create a distinct identity for the V29e.

Camera Capabilities:

Camera capabilities have become a defining factor in smartphone choices. The V29e, following in the footsteps of the V29 Lite, is expected to boast a main camera equipped with a 64MP sensor and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This setup promises to deliver exceptional photography experiences, capturing moments with clarity and stability. While lacking the "Aura Light," the V29e's camera system is poised to offer impressive performance in various scenarios.

Display Dynamics:

The display technology of a smartphone plays a pivotal role in shaping user experiences. In contrast to its counterparts, the V29e showcases a departure in display design. While the V29 and V29 Lite feature expansive 6.78" AMOLED panels with elegant curves, the V29e is rumored to adopt a flat display design. Although the exact size remains speculative, this change indicates vivo's willingness to experiment and cater to diverse user preferences.

Under-the-Hood Powerhouse:

The performance prowess of a smartphone largely hinges on its chipset. The V29e introduces a shift in its processing capabilities, with Geekbench results hinting at the presence of a Snapdragon 480 chipset. However, conflicting reports also suggest the possibility of a Dimensity 7000-series chip. Regardless of the final choice, the V29e's chipset will undoubtedly influence its performance metrics.

Compared to its siblings – the V29 powered by a Snapdragon 778G and the V29 Lite featuring a Snapdragon 695 – the V29e might appear to be the underdog in terms of processing power. However, it's important to note that chipset performance is just one aspect of a smartphone's overall experience.

Multitasking Mastery:

The V29e is projected to offer a range of RAM and storage configurations, including 8-12GB of RAM and 128-256GB of internal storage. This potential setup promises seamless multitasking and ample space for storing memories, apps, and media. Users can expect smooth transitions between applications and effortless management of their digital lives.

Endurance and Charging:

Battery life is a critical consideration for modern smartphone users. The V29e is anticipated to inherit the battery setup from the V29, featuring a 4,600mAh battery. This, coupled with 80W fast charging technology, ensures that users can spend more time enjoying their device and less time tethered to charging cables. In comparison, the V29 Lite boasts a larger 5,000mAh battery but with 44W charging.

The Arrival of the V29 Pro:

While much of the spotlight has been on the V29e, it's important to mention that the vivo V29 series is expected to include a fourth member – the vivo V29 Pro. Despite limited information about this variant since its teaser in May, its potential contribution to the series cannot be overlooked. As details emerge, smartphone enthusiasts will be eager to learn how the V29 Pro complements its counterparts.


The impending arrival of the vivo V29e has set the stage for a new chapter in the V29 series. With design deviations, unique camera capabilities, and potential chipset variations, the V29e is poised to carve its own niche in the competitive smartphone landscape. As anticipation builds and the launch date approaches, smartphone enthusiasts and users alike are primed to explore the V29e's offerings and determine how it stacks up against its predecessors and contemporaries.

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, vivo's commitment to innovation is evident in the V29e's design, features, and performance potential. As the Indian market eagerly awaits the V29e's debut later this month, its impact on the smartphone landscape remains to be seen, promising a captivating blend of style and substance.


Q: What is the vivo V29e smartphone?
The vivo V29e is a new addition to the V29 series of smartphones, featuring unique design and features.

Q: What are the key features of the vivo V29e?
The vivo V29e boasts a distinct camera setup, flat display, potential Snapdragon 480 or Dimensity 7000-series chipset, and 8-12GB RAM.

Q: Does the vivo V29e have a unique camera system?
Yes, the V29e features a camera setup with two separate lenses, without the conventional camera island.

Q: What is the "Aura Light" in the vivo V29 series?
Unlike the vanilla V29, the V29e does not feature the "Aura Light," a 15.6mm LED circle for even illumination in portrait shots.

Q: How does the display of the vivo V29e differ from its counterparts?
The V29e features a flat display, setting it apart from the curved AMOLED panels of the V29 and V29 Lite.

Q: What chipset powers the vivo V29e?
The V29e is expected to be powered by either a Snapdragon 480 or Dimensity 7000-series chipset.

Q: How much RAM and storage does the vivo V29e offer?
The V29e offers configurations with 8-12GB of RAM and 128-256GB of internal storage.

Q: What is the battery capacity and charging technology of the vivo V29e?
The V29e features a 4,600mAh battery with 80W fast charging support.

Q: Is the vivo V29e's performance comparable to its siblings in the V29 series?
While potentially using a different chipset, the V29e aims to deliver a balanced performance for various tasks.

Q: Is there a vivo V29 Pro variant in the series?
Yes, there is a vivo V29 Pro variant expected, although details about it are limited.

Q: When will the vivo V29e be available in India?
The vivo V29e is expected to launch later this month in India.

Q: What makes the vivo V29e unique in the smartphone market?
The V29e stands out with its distinctive camera design, flat display, and potential chipset variations.

Q: How does the battery capacity of the V29e compare to the V29 Lite?
The V29e has a 4,600mAh battery, while the V29 Lite features a larger 5,000mAh battery.

Q: Is the V29e suitable for multitasking and storage needs?
Yes, with 8-12GB RAM and 128-256GB storage options, the V29e offers seamless multitasking and ample storage space.

Q: What can users expect from the camera capabilities of the V29e?
The V29e's main camera with a 64MP sensor and OIS promises excellent photography experiences.

Q: How does the V29e's design differ from the vanilla V29?
The V29e lacks a camera island and "Aura Light," presenting a unique visual identity compared to the vanilla V29.

Q: What is the charging speed of the V29e's fast charging technology?
The V29e supports 80W fast charging for quick and efficient battery replenishment.

Q: How does the potential Snapdragon 480 chipset compare to other chipsets in the V29 series?
The Snapdragon 480, or Dimensity 7000-series chip, offers a balance of performance suitable for everyday tasks.

Q: Is the V29e's flat display a departure from the trend of curved screens?
Yes, the V29e breaks away from the curved AMOLED trend with its flat display design.

Q: What impact is the vivo V29e expected to have on the smartphone market?
The vivo V29e's unique features and design could offer a fresh perspective in the competitive smartphone landscape.