Google Pixel 8 Pro in 'Sky' Blue Unveils Design and Features Temperature Sensor: All Details


As we draw closer to Google's highly anticipated October 4 event, the tech world is buzzing with excitement and speculation about the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro. In this article, we will delve into the latest insights into the Pixel 8 Pro's design, color options, and notable features, including an innovative temperature sensor. We aim to provide the information currently available, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the impending launch.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Specifications:

Feature Specification
Model Google Pixel 8 Pro
Color Options Sky Blue, Black, Off-White
Display 6.7-inch AMOLED
Camera Setup Triple Camera with Temperature Sensor
Storage Options 128GB (base), 256GB (Pixel 8), 512GB (Pixel 8 Pro)
Operating System Android
Android Updates Up to 5 years
Event Date October 4, 2023

Pixel 8 Pro Design Unveiled:

Dylan Roussel, known as @evowizz on the platform formerly known as Twitter, recently shared a series of high-quality images of the Pixel 8 Pro. These images have provided us with an exciting first look at the device, particularly in the 'Sky' blue variant. Interestingly, the blue color option has been officially named "Sky," debunking previous rumors that referred to it as "Sky Blue."

The images unveiled by Roussel are a testament to Google's commitment to sleek and modern design. The device showcases slightly rounded corners, which add to its aesthetic appeal. This design choice is consistent with Google's penchant for clean and elegant aesthetics.


Redesigned Camera Setup:

Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, shared a blue render of the Pixel 8 Pro, focusing on its rear camera setup. What immediately catches the eye is the redesigned camera module, featuring a single cutout housing three cameras, a flash, and an intriguing addition—a temperature sensor. This temperature sensor could potentially introduce innovative features related to photography and user experience, although specific details are yet to be confirmed.

The inclusion of a temperature sensor reflects Google's ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology. It hints at the company's ambition to enhance the capabilities of smartphone photography by considering environmental factors that can impact image quality.


Color Options and Wallpaper:

The Pixel 8 Pro is set to make a statement not only with its captivating 'Sky' blue variant but also with its range of color options. Alongside 'Sky,' users can choose from classic black and an elegant off-white, aligning with the Pixel Fold's color palette. This diverse selection allows users to pick a color that resonates with their personal style and preferences.

In the realm of aesthetics, Evan Blass shared screenshots showcasing the default wallpapers designed specifically for the Pixel 8 Pro's homescreen. Google's attention to detail is evident in these wallpapers, offering users a visually pleasing experience right out of the box.

Pixel 8 Pro Specifications:

While the design and color choices of the Pixel 8 Pro are garnering attention, it's essential to delve into the device's specifications to understand its capabilities fully. Previous reports suggest that both Pixel 8 models will feature a base storage capacity of 128GB. Additionally, there will be options to upgrade to 256GB for the regular Pixel 8 and an impressive 512GB for the Pixel 8 Pro. This ample storage ensures that users can store their memories, apps, and media without worrying about running out of space.

One noteworthy enhancement in the Pixel 8 series is Google's commitment to providing five years of Android updates for the Pixel 8. This represents a significant improvement compared to previous models that received five years of security updates only. This extended software support ensures that users can enjoy the latest Android features and security enhancements for an extended period, making the Pixel 8 series a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts.

Extended Android Updates:

One notable improvement in the Pixel 8 series is Google's rumored commitment to providing five years of Android updates for the regular Pixel 8 model. This marks a significant upgrade from previous models, which received five years of security updates. The extended Android updates promise a longer and more sustainable software support lifecycle, enhancing the overall value proposition of Google's flagship smartphones.

Launch Date and Event Details:

The Pixel 8 series, including the Pixel 8 Pro, is slated to make its grand debut at the upcoming 'Made by Google' in-person launch event. This highly anticipated event will take place in the vibrant city of New York on October 4, 2023, at 10 am ET (7:30 PM IST). Alongside the Pixel 8 series, tech enthusiasts can also look forward to the potential unveiling of the Pixel Watch 2, adding to the excitement surrounding this event.


The Pixel 8 Pro in 'Sky' blue has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide with its captivating design and innovative features, including the temperature sensor. Google's commitment to providing extended Android updates further elevates the appeal of the Pixel 8 series. With the launch event just around the corner, anticipation is building, and all eyes are on Google as it prepares to unveil its latest flagship smartphones and potentially other groundbreaking devices.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the October 4 event, where Google is poised to showcase its commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of technology. The Pixel 8 Pro, with its 'Sky' blue variant and cutting-edge features, is undoubtedly a device worth keeping an eye on.


Q: What are the specifications of the Google Pixel 8 Pro in 'Sky' blue?
The Google Pixel 8 Pro in 'Sky' blue boasts a sleek design, a redesigned camera setup with a temperature sensor, and multiple storage options.

Q: When is the Google Pixel 8 Pro set to be launched?
The Pixel 8 Pro is scheduled to be launched at the 'Made by Google' event on October 4, 2023, in New York City.

Q: What are the available color options for the Pixel 8 Pro?
The Pixel 8 Pro comes in 'Sky' blue, black, and off-white color variants.

Q: What storage options will be available for the Pixel 8 Pro?
The Pixel 8 Pro will come with storage options of 128GB, 256GB (for the regular Pixel 8), and an impressive 512GB variant.

Q: How many years of Android updates will the regular Pixel 8 receive?
The regular Pixel 8 is expected to receive five years of Android updates.

Q: Can I expect unique default wallpapers with the Pixel 8 Pro?
Yes, Evan Blass shared sneak peeks of default wallpapers for the Pixel 8 Pro's homescreen.

Q: What is the significance of the temperature sensor in the Pixel 8 Pro's camera setup?
The temperature sensor hints at Google's commitment to enhancing smartphone photography by considering environmental factors that affect image quality.

Q: Is the 'Sky' blue variant of the Pixel 8 Pro different from 'Sky Blue' as previously rumored?
Yes, the official name for the blue color variant is 'Sky,' clarifying any confusion from previous rumors.

Q: Where can I watch the 'Made by Google' event on October 4, 2023?
You can watch the 'Made by Google' event live, which is scheduled to take place at 10 am ET (7:30 PM IST) on October 4, 2023, in New York City.