iPhone 16 Series: Capture Button, Molded Glass Lenses, A18 Pro Bionic Chip, and More

iPhone 16 Series

The anticipation for the next iPhone release is always high, and even though the iPhone 16 series is still a year away from its official launch, rumors and leaks about its hardware are already making rounds on the web. 

This article will delve into the latest insights, focusing on the possibility of a new "capture button" in the iPhone 16, potential changes in antenna placement, and the use of moulded glass in the telephoto camera lenses of the iPhone 16 Pro models. Let's explore these intriguing developments in the world of Apple.

Capture Button:

With each new iPhone series, Apple aims to introduce innovative features that enhance the user experience. In this vein, there is talk of an additional button in the iPhone 16 series, tentatively referred to as the "capture button." Instant Digital, a well-known tipster on Weibo, has hinted at its existence. However, the functionality of this button remains shrouded in mystery.

Capture Button

The "capture button" is believed to be located below the power button, and it is expected to be a capacitive button rather than a traditional physical one. While the precise use of this button is yet to be unveiled, it has the potential to redefine how users interact with their iPhones. 

In preparation for this addition, there are also reports of Apple relocating the mmWave antenna from the right to the left side of the device. This shift is likely made to accommodate the new button without disrupting the existing layout. Fortunately, the volume and power keys are expected to remain unchanged, ensuring a familiar user experience.

Telephoto Camera Lenses:

The camera has become one of the central selling points of modern smartphones, and Apple is no stranger to this trend. In the iPhone 16 series, it appears that Apple is taking camera technology to the next level. Recent reports suggest that the telephoto lenses in the iPhone 16 Pro models will be manufactured with moulded glass, a significant departure from traditional glass.

Camera Lens

Largan, a renowned lens manufacturer, is reportedly the exclusive supplier for the telephoto lenses in the 2024 iPhone Pro models. What sets moulded glass apart is its remarkable thinness and lightweight properties. 

This innovation promises to enhance the overall camera performance and reduce the weight of the device. While specific details about the benefits of moulded glass are yet to be confirmed, it's evident that Apple is sparing no effort to push the boundaries of smartphone photography.

Supply Chain Dominance:

Apple's ambitious plans for the iPhone 16 series are already being set in motion. To support the production of these groundbreaking devices, Apple is diligently securing its supply chain. 

The move to use moulded glass lenses for the iPhone 16 Pro models signifies the complexity of this manufacturing process. In response, Apple is proactively reserving a significant portion of the supply chain for these components.

This strategic maneuver aims to ensure that Apple can meet the high demand for its upcoming Pro models. With the new lens technology and other anticipated features, the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to garner significant attention from consumers worldwide.

A18 Pro Bionic Chip:

In addition to exciting hardware developments, the iPhone 16 series is expected to feature a powerful new processor. Reports suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with the A18 Pro Bionic chip, manufactured using a cutting-edge 3nm process.

A18 Pro Bionic Chip

This chip promises enhanced performance, improved energy efficiency, and advanced capabilities that will further elevate the user experience.

Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are likely to receive a modified version of the chip, known as the A17 Pro. While it may not match the Pro model's processing power, it is expected to deliver a seamless performance that caters to the needs of a broader audience.

Stacked Battery Technology:

Apple is constantly seeking ways to improve battery life and efficiency. To this end, the company is rumored to incorporate stacked battery technology inspired by electric vehicles in the entire iPhone 16 lineup. 

This approach is expected to extend battery life, reduce charging times, and provide a more sustainable power solution for Apple's users.

By adopting this technology, Apple continues its commitment to environmental sustainability and user convenience. The integration of electric vehicle-inspired battery technology signifies a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the global trend toward cleaner and more efficient energy solutions.


As the iPhone 16 series remains on the horizon, these early glimpses into its potential features generate excitement and anticipation among Apple enthusiasts. 

The rumored "capture button" introduces an intriguing prospect for improved user interaction, while the use of moulded glass in the telephoto lenses and the introduction of the A18 Pro Bionic chip promise enhanced camera capabilities and overall device performance.

Furthermore, Apple's proactive approach in securing its supply chain, along with the adoption of electric vehicle-inspired battery technology, highlights the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and providing its users with a superior mobile experience. 

While these details are yet to be officially confirmed, they paint a compelling picture of what the iPhone 16 series may have in store for us in the not-so-distant future.