Vi to Launch 5G Services in Select Areas of Pune and Delhi: What to Expect

Vi 5G Launch

Vi, one of India's prominent telecom operators, has hinted at the imminent launch of its 5G network in select areas of Pune and Delhi. 

This announcement comes more than a year after its competitors, Airtel and Jio, initiated the deployment of their 5G services across the nation. 

Vi, despite facing challenges, recently disclosed reaching peak speeds of over 3.7Gbps on the high-speed millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum band, showcasing its commitment to entering the 5G arena.

Website Teaser:

The telecom giant recently updated its website, generating anticipation by proclaiming, "Get ready to experience the potential of the Vi 5G network in India with 5G live at select places in Pune and Delhi." 

However, specific details regarding the locations and the timeline of the 5G rollout remain undisclosed.

5G Connectivity Requirements:

Vi emphasizes that customers wishing to avail themselves of the 5G network need a 5G-ready SIM card. Vi assures its users that its 4G SIM cards are already 5G ready. 

This implies that users with compatible smartphones should seamlessly transition to the 5G network once it is officially launched. 

Additionally, Vi plans to distribute 5G-ready SIM cards at its stores, facilitating accessibility for its user base.

Speed Milestones:

Earlier this year, Vi achieved notable milestones in the 5G landscape, with peak speeds of 3.7Gbps on the mmWave spectrum band and download speeds reaching 1.5Gbps on the 3.5GHz spectrum band. 

Tests were conducted in Pune for mmWave and in both Pune and Gandhinagar for the sub-6GHz spectrum band, showcasing Vi's technological prowess.

Vi's Position in the 5G Race:

While Vi is making significant strides in the 5G domain, it currently lags behind Airtel and Jio, India's leading telecom operators. 

Both Airtel's '5G Plus' and Jio's 'True 5G' networks have already been deployed in over 10,000 cities across the country. 

Notably, both leading operators offer subscribers unlimited access to 5G networks with active plans as they continue their extensive rollout efforts.

Comparative Analysis:

Airtel and Jio have established themselves as frontrunners in the race to dominate the Indian 5G market. Their extensive 5G network coverage and the provision of unlimited access for subscribers set a benchmark for Vi to meet. 

Vi's strategic focus on select areas in Pune and Delhi indicates a deliberate approach, possibly aimed at ensuring a robust and reliable 5G service in specific locations before expanding further.

The Road Ahead for Vi:

Vi's foray into the 5G landscape is marked by both challenges and opportunities. As it gears up for the official launch in Pune and Delhi, the telecom operator needs to address questions about the wider availability of its 5G network across the nation. 

The distribution of 5G-ready SIM cards at Vi stores is a commendable step towards ensuring a seamless transition for its existing user base.

Vi's commitment to technological advancement is evident through its successful tests on the mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrum bands. 

The company's emphasis on peak speeds and reliable connectivity positions it as a viable contender in the evolving Indian telecom landscape.


In conclusion, Vi's announcement of the impending 5G network launch in select locations in Pune and Delhi signals a dynamic shift in the Indian telecom sector. 

As Vi prepares to join the 5G race, the telecom operator faces the challenge of catching up with Airtel and Jio, who have already established a substantial 5G presence across the country. 

Vi's strategic focus on specific areas and its commitment to providing 5G-ready SIM cards demonstrate a calculated approach to ensure a seamless and efficient 5G experience for its users. 

As the 5G saga unfolds, Vi's role in shaping India's digital future remains a focal point of interest for both industry experts and consumers alike.